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Brought up Feb 9, 2013

A Little Excitement...

Its been a few days. I think I strained something Monday night and have been having to rest a bit. Also, I've sort of been settling my thoughts. It's been a odd week. I seem to have found a bit of peace after all the uproar. The brats have been sweet, taking care of mom a bit, but mostly just letting me be. That helps most of all.

We had a bit of excitement the other night, and it's had me a little unnerved that I was not even worried by it. The boy called me just as I was heading off to get ready for bed, around 10:30. He told me that I needed to go out and check my car, see all was alright out side. He was hanging out at a friend's house, and the neighbor's car had just been broken into. I went out, still on the phone with him. All was as it should be. He said that the police were looking for a guy on a bike, just as a guy on a bike topped the hill of our street. He shouted at me to call the police. I hung up with him and did, as the guy popped his bike over the curb into one of our neighbor's yard. I was talking to dispatch as the guy was frightened by the neighbor's dog and pulled his bike back into the street. It was dark, hard to make out much but the frame of the mountain bike, and a large shape of either a very big guy with dread locks, or someone wearing a hoodie or big heavy coat. It was a fairly warm night, so your guess is as good as mine. I could hear something banging against the bike, sort of like he was heavy laden with something that made it awkward to control the bike. He had to see me, big moron that I am, standing in the yard, telling the cops what I was seeing as he proceeded down our street. I watched him until he either turned south, or went over the next small hill at our flashing traffic light. It takes longer to tell about it than it actually happened. The cops drove by maybe five minutes later, flashing their spot lights, three different cars, one doubling back and going down our street again. None stopped or spoke with me. I could have told them a little, but maybe not any more than they knew. At one point, the boy, with a car load, came by, and I told him what I had seen. He turned in the driveway, and headed off toward the direction of the bike. No clue if they caught the guy. I kept wondering, who robs cars and makes their get away on a bicycle? Worse, what sort of police do we have that they can not catch the unfortunate fool on a bike? It was a strange night.

The even stranger thing was that I was able to come back inside, brush my teeth, and go to bed, sleeping soundly fairly easily and quickly. I wasn't scared at all. If anything, I was a little bored with it all. Crap like that happens a lot in this area. I barely pay attention anymore. After all, I have had to walk around broken liquor bottles, even a hypodermic needle discarded into the gutter a couple of times. Our neighborhood is fairly quiet, but once in a while, there is the odd thing. We've had a lawn mower stolen, an entire set of weights walked off the boy's weight bench on the front porch. If you want to keep it around here, lock it up. 15 years living here, we're used to the odd thing now and then.


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