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Brought up Feb 14, 2013

Ash Wednesday...

Today begins the season of Lent, the observance of the last 40 days of Christ's mortal time on Earth. Ash Wednesday service is one of the more important ones to me, along with Christmas Eve, and Easter. With most Christian denominations, Ash Wednesday is more or less just another Wednesday. With ours, it's one of the few times there are usually two services so people can fit it into their schedules.

Yes, I'm one of those odd folk walking around after church with black on their foreheads. I normally rub it in if I'm going somewhere, or off. I don't need to parade my faith. I also wear a crucifix all the time, but it is rarely seen. Again, I don't feel the need for everyone to see it. My faith is between me and God. Simple as that. Yet, there have been times that for what ever reason, someone asks about the ashes.

When the ashes are placed on the forehead, the priest says, 'Remember you are dust, and to dust you shall return," or something to that effect. Tonight, Rev A's sermon did a perfect job explaining the ashes. Yes, they form a cross, but piety has nothing to do with them. The ashes are to remind us of our mortality. That we were formed from the dust of the Earth, and one day, our bodies will return to that dust.

I faced my mortality in the past months. I felt it when the doctor told me I had cancer. I dwelt on the fact I could die as I headed for surgery. Though I am now cancer free, and I try to thank God every day for that, I know my days are still numbered, be it 20 days, 20 months or 20+ years. My time, like everyone's, is finite. I really didn't need tonight's reminder. Yet, somehow, it brought a certain peace to my mind. We are ALL only dust, these bodies that convey us around our world. But, as I have said many times in my life, this shell is not ME. I simply use this body God has given me to move about, tasting, smelling, hearing and feeling the gifts God has given us all. Someday, I will leave it, and go on to where ever God pleases.

It's like the Rev said tonight. God knows our hearts. He knows our thoughts, our struggles. He already knows how the story turns out. So, we do our best with what we know, what we have been taught. It doesn't mean we quit searching for answers, though. He gave us a brain to use, after all. I doubt I will ever have all the answers I seek in this life. But, as long as I have my facilities, and am breathing, I will keep searching. It's part of my journey He's set before me.

Anyway, that's about as preachy as I get. As I said, my faith is private, between me and The Big Dude In Charge, To Whom It May Concern, The Head Honcho of us all. He knows my heart, and that's enough for me. This body is mere dust, after all, on loan for a spell. I really hope to be better at using it wisely, to explore this world for as long as my Lord sees fit to lend it to me.


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