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Brought up Feb 3, 2013

Four Letter Words, Revisited

Punk, THTHTHTHTHTHTHT!!!!! Bite me!! If folks don't know that Lizzy and Darcy live happily ever after, they have been raised in a survivalist's hidey hole, under a rock, or not exposed to the classics for some other reason. These poor souls are to be pitied and encouraged to rectify that horrible deficiency in their education, even in film versions. (I figure a public 'bite me' makes up for all the ones I've missed lately in my demented struggle to be an adult. As my new FB profile pix suggest, I am losing that battle royally!!)

I have written about the title before, but I have been thinking on it a bit tonight. My son, who since he turned 18 has developed a salty vocab of great proportions, informed me that such words came about a few centuries ago in an attempt to avoid blasphemy. I recalled from school something along those lines, but the fact that he knew it had me raising an eyebrow. Always knew the boy was smart, sometimes too smart for the choices he makes. He has also taken Googling to a professional level. (Never mention you are unsure of some fact around him, unless you want an extremely detailed explanation. I know, he gets it honestly)

In my attempt to become 'mature,' I have been trying to not swear so much. I was late falling into that trap of using 'adult' language and I seemed, for a time, to be trying to make up for lost time. In college, I had a professor who said such language was the mark of a poor vocabulary. I now disagree with that. I think it is a way of fitting in and being one of the gang at a certain age. The boy will get out of the habit when he sees he doesn't have to cuss to be accepted, I hope.

Since my surgery, especially under the influence of meds apparently, I have slipped back into the habit as bad as ever. (I was told my mom was appalled at the language coming out of my mouth when I was being settled in my room at the hospital. I just recall hearing laughter, probably from my sister.) Anyone is likely to get a 'screw you,' or the more vulgar version, from me at the slightest provocation. It's been 10 days since I last took a pain pill, so maybe I can get control of that again soon, if people stop pissing me off.

Okay, the trap. I know swearing is not just a southern thing, but we have perfected it to an art form. When I was a kid, it was something we looked forward to, cussing. It was using 'grown up' words, something we were forbidden to do.

Some of us, myself included, usually come to a point where we see it is actually a bit immature to sprinkle those words around all the time. Most of the time, those words only come out when I am angry or frustrated, now.

The trap is that not swearing is easier said than done once you develop the habit. Some of the substitutes are a bit silly sounding coming out, but many of us have to have some sort of way of verbal expression of emotion. Even the Punk, who gave up swearing as a teen, has his goofy words, one I have somehow let slip into my own vocab. (Hush it, Punk. I know you are chuckling.) I really would prefer not to cuss at all. I am seriously afraid my mom will come after me with the soap again. A very frightening thought, even now.


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