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Brought up Jan 27, 2013

Sundays Back to Normal

The girl and I made it to church today for the first time in a month, first time post op. It was great to be back. The best thing was sitting in the pew, waiting for the procession, and hearing the Cajun's voice ringing out with the rest of the choir as they came in. It brought tears to my eyes to hear his voice almost to his usual. I had to do the first reading of the service. Old Testament. None of those horrendous names no one knows how to pronounce, but I still stumbled. Rev says to read it like you know what you are saying, with authority, and no one will notice if you say them wrong. Sure. Right. I stumbled over the repeated stuff. No big deal, as I wasn't the only one to stumble. At least I didn't break out in a sweat and shake like I did the last time.

We had our annual meeting today, with lunch after. During the general reading of last year's minutes, election of vestry members, etc, the Cajun made announcements for one who had to leave. After those, he gave thanks for himself, and me, for all the prayers, and kind wishes during our health issues. After, he asked if that was okay. It touched me that he did that, and I hugged him and told him it was fine. I have gotten a few cards and notes from some of our church family, and each has come at a time that I needed kind words. It still is odd to me that these people think enough of me to take the time to do that. I am just not used to it. Having to tell how I was diagnosed to a few was not great, either. To be honest, since the surgery got all the cancer, and I am on the mend, it's getting boring to have to tell that story. There are others, like the Cajun, whose struggles are still on going. I just have some odd aches and pains as my body adjusts, heals and organs take advantage of their new found room to spread out and shift. I have been very lucky, and feel blessed to have my health improving, my journey slowly back on track. The attention is not something I care for at all.

After the meal, I was feeling so drained, I just wanted to get home. I don't understand why I am still so easily tired. I guess its part of the whole process, just like the discomfort after too much walking or moving around. It's annoying, though. I want it over yesterday.

I dozed off in the car, and when we were home, the girl and I both went to sleep. I woke in time to wake the boy so he could get ready for work. I don't like long naps like that, though, because they give me a headache. One more thing to bellyache about.

I'll be glad when things do get back to where I feel more normal. Being tired so much really sucks. Besides, I have things to do, darn it...


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