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Brought up Feb 1, 2013

Pride And Prejudice... AGAIN?

To my Cuz, and WW, thanks for letting me know I am not the only one with those five year old gremlins lurking about. Whew...

One of those rascals took over tonight. Remember when you could watch the same cartoons over and over, delighting just as much in each viewing? I realize there are some who will watch a movie, read a book or even visit some attraction, and be done with it forever. I find those folks a bit boring. There are some books I can reread over and over, lost in them each time; Places I can visit many times and see something new each time; Movies that keep me wrapped in them no matter how many times I see them. Pride and Prejudice is one such movie. I identify with so many different characters depending on my mood. I have felt Charlotte's desperation. I like Elizabeth with her smart mouth and bluntness. I even sympathize with the mom, worrying over the future of her children. I know the giddiness of the younger sisters. I understand Jane, Darcy, his sister and Bingley and their shyness. I even secretly understand the manipulating of Bingley's sister.

I am in love with Darcy. I just can't help it. In the particular movie version I have, (Kiera Knightley, Matthew Macfadyen, 2006) the actor, Macfadyen, is just absolutely wonderful, in my opinion. There are those little looks, the small ways he conveys so much without a word. And dang it all, he just has the sexiest eyes! They reflect the character's mood so well: a tiny crinkle when he wants to smile, but doesn't feel its appropriate; a coldness that could frost the tropics when he is angry; such naked vulnerability when he is rejected the first time, and bares his heart in his second proposal.

The final scene just melts my heart, and curls my toes. It is one of the sexiest scenes I have ever seen. Both actors are more or less fully clothed, but relaxed, sitting outside on a balcony. Lizzy is telling Darcy what names he should call her. At his happiest, he is to call her Mrs Darcy. He kisses her forehead, her cheeks, her nose, whispering, "Mrs Darcy." The scene, and the movie, ends with the only kiss on the lips they share on screen. I can not describe it in a way that does it justice, but, WOW!! Any man who can put that much into a few whispered words and such could win the heart of any woman in the world. I guess there really is only one Darcy... fictional.

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