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Brought up Jan 30, 2013

Food, Glorious Food

First, A shout out to my Cuz. Thanks for reading my older postings. Just don't hold anything against me, babe!! WW, aka BFF, I will go trolling for green JRs soon. They really are my favorite, but believe it or not, I am losing my aversion to the watermelon. Maybe I am just getting used to them. Everyone else, thanks for reading. I really do enjoy comments, but just watching the numbers encourages me, too.

So, the title. It's from Oliver!, to you Philistines who don't watch old movies or musicals, or old musicals.

I am a foodie, no question. I am also an emotional compulsive over eater. I am much more in control of the compulsion now days, but I have my moments.

I was told by the Punk a while ago that I eat like a kid. I love a quote I see on Facebook quite frequently. We never really grow up. We just learn how to act in public. I believe we all have our habits that have followed us from childhood, like five year olds with naughty little giggles as we fall into their grasp at times. I certainly have mine, to which the Punk was alluding with his statement. (I had told him I was putting chips on my ham and cheese, I think.) Those habits tend to lead me along their gumdrop path quite a lot lately. The crazy thing is, I actually enjoy their company. Aw, come on, don't tell me yours don't lead you astray at times. Really? You are either not aware of them, are lyin' or have banished some of the fun stuff from your life. How sad.

When I am home, away from prying eyes or with those who know I am slightly cracked and like me as is, I do fall back into the company of those goofy child habits with a smirk on all our faces.

Okay, I'll admit it. I like potato chips, corn chips, Doritos and Cheetos on my sandwiches. I crush my crackers for soup, chili and stew. Okay, wantons in any of the Chinese soups. I love peanut butter in any combo, jelly, chocolate, banana, etc. I have been known to just grab a spoon, too. I always eat the crust of the sandwich first. It's my least fave, so it must go first. Be glad I don't ask for the crust cut off anymore.

I love picking the layers of a Snickers bar off one at a time with my teeth. First goes as much chocolate as doesn't melt on my fingers in the process, then the creamy stuff, leaving the nuts and caramel. That is usually eaten in small bites. Hershey bars are eaten a square at a time, unless it's the almond kind, and I eat around the nuts to finish them last. Same with Almond Joys.

As for a meal, I normally eat one item at a time. I always eat fries or chips first, then the next item. For a long time, I didn't like different food items touching. I have out grown that one. It wandered off sobbing into the darkness one night.

Certain foods just make me gag. Raw onion? If I feel it or crunch it, I have to spit it out. Mustard? Just the smell makes my stomach clinch up. Buttermilk? Eeew! I have finally gotten over the 'chunks' thing in chili and sauces. For years I avoided anything with cooked pepper, and spicy anything. Alright, sometimes I still pick out peppers, but I have fallen in love with hot sauce and salsa.

New foods used to scare me. If I didn't know what was in it, I wouldn't eat it. Sushi, squid, crab? No friggin' way was I gonna touch it. My inner child habits blame the BFF for getting me to try new things, sending yet another of their comrades off whimpering. I could swear I heard them whispering about throwing something at her next time she pulls that.

Now, in public, I always have my right hand in my lap with my napkin, no elbows on the table. Okay, sometimes I slip up on that one. I do KNOW proper table manners. There are just times I get relaxed and forget.

So, if ever we happen to be sharing a meal, and my elbow is on the table, I crunch up my crackers, or eat what ever in layers, feel honored. It means I am comfortable enough around you to allow my child habits their freedom to run amok.

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Cuz » 5 years ago

Just keep on writing! Lovin the posts. Potato chips on sandwiches a must (no crust). Never be afraid to try new foods you never know what you may like even rice cakes are good provided you can get enough peanut butter, chocolate syrup ect.. on them LOL

wee woman » 5 years ago

Hey I still splash in puddles... I don't the crust of the bread, I feed that to sammy.. I DARE you to throw somethin.... I will splash you with mud puddle I let my inner child out often. I still love POP ROCKS... I will never grow up...nanana pbhhhht...

I AM YOUR SENSE OF ADVENTURE.... I haven't begun to educate you in certain foods...and you tried calamari and you will try other things. I would never feed you something I wouldn't eat first..... so You wont have to eat opposum or snails.... YOU WILL TRY THAI soon