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Brought up Jan 21, 2013

"... I Gotta Wear Shades..."

Hopefully, the last Sunday without church for a while. The drive wipes me out, but I am getting physically stronger every day. (Short of cash didn't help, either) I ache like a mother from yesterday's over doing. I ached a bit differently on my walk this morning, too, but I think walking about a mile, slowly, stretched out those muscles that seem to have tightened over the past weeks. (Not in a good way, that tightening. Calves screaming the first blocks up hill)

I actually slept in this morning, though not by choice. I was in bed at 11. Didn't get to sleep until around 12:30 ish. Then, my phone rang. 1:15 a m, and the girl brat was at work, but forgot her phone charger. She has one of those phones that, if it completely looses its charge, it's a real pain to get working right again. Apparently, the boy brat had said something about too many zombies out. ??? (He just told me he was in the middle of video games at his friends' house and why did she have to have it anyway? I explained it. He shrugged) So, using language that would make a sailor blush, I carefully hauled my still battered and bruised carcass out of bed, slowly tugged on the first clothes in reach, and took the damned charger to her. To show my disgust, I went to throw the damned thing to her. Unfortunately, it's one of those that the cord disconnects from the plug box thingy. She caught the cord, but the box landed outside between my car and the drive thru window. (She works at one of the local FF joints) I turned off the car, unbuckled my seat belt, to lever myself out to get it. She said, "Stay put, Crazy Lady. Don't hit me in the head." She proceeded to lean out the window, stretching what had to 2/3 of her bod out the window, and scooped it up... almost as if she had done that move before. I really do not want to know. (Oh, and Crazy Lady seems to be my new name from the brat lately. I can't imagine why... Shut up, Punk)

I got home, shrugged my gown back on, and proceeded to toss and turn for another hour. I got up, peed, and decided to go ahead and take a damned pain pill for the nagging in my back, and a sleeping pill, then peed again. (I know, too much info, but it's starting to bug me that any time I go in the bathroom these days, I gotta go...) I crawled back in bed, and tossed a while longer, refusing to look at the clock until I finally crashed. When I saw 9 a m on the clock, I almost rolled over and covered up my head against the sun filtering through my curtains. I got to thinking, though, as I debated, trying to stretch, and remembering why it was not a good idea a second too late, it would be nice to walk in the cool air, with that bright sunshine. I need an extra pair of shades to tuck in my hoodie pocket for days like today. Yeah, it was not comfy starting out, but once I got going, it was worth it. For the first time since my surgery, I felt almost human, with out my fake cheer. I know why. It was sort of a combo of walking at least a mile, the warm sun I was squinting against, a good 5+ hours of sleep, a weird, drug induced dream about texting with my fave college football player (hehe, Go AJ!! RTR!!) and just being grateful for a new day cancer free.

I am not sure which I should consider my second birthday, January 2, the day of my surgery, or the 18th, the day I was told the surgery was a complete success. Suggestions? I am tempted to celebrate both, actually... except that the second is too close to a friggin holiday. True, we don't give New Years Day presents... and I would love a present day where no one can say "This is for both," (Christmas child here) but it might be too close to NYE, and my one planned drink a year. This next one, hell I may just tie one on big enough to feel the same way on the second as I did this year... Nah... I am much too mature for that, but who knows? I am actually getting a bit excited to see what this year brings. I may just be sitting home, as usual, but hell, I may be raising a little hell all over the place... Again, who knows what I may get up to? If the way I felt today is any indication, my emotions running the complete spectrum, it could hold just about anything... Just like the song says, "The future's so bright..." Let's hope the shine is from good things, and not just the bridges burning...

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wee woman » 5 years ago

January 18th .... that is the day you took your first deep breath..

As for all the other DRAMA..(you know) We have discussed in detail and whatever decision you make I am with you. You are on a path many, including myself, have traveled. You will never walk that path alone , me and others will be there to lend a helping hand, and words of encouragement. Its your LIFE darlin', LIVE IT