How Did I Get Here, And Where Is The Next Turn?

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Brought up Jan 19, 2013

Yee Haww!! Right....

Got my staples out yesterday, and a clean bill of health. No chemo or radiation... I am cancer free. I still have to take it easy, and have another CT scan in a couple of months, but I am healing well, the doc said. I can do anything, with in reason, except for one or two that really don't matter anyway.

I went for my walk for the first time in 18 days (yes I was counting), and though it was just the route I took on my very first walk, it wasn't bad. i did break a bit of a sweat, and was a bit tired. I got home, rested, had breakfast. I chatted on the phone with an old friend for a couple of hours. Watched a bit of Smallville on DVD. I decided I would go to the grocery store and get a few things. I did make a quick run to the Dollar Store the other day, but this was my first authorized, trip out, and my first pain pill free day.

I walked the entire store, in our modern version of hunting and gathering. I loaded all into the car, achy. I came home, and unloaded. Achier. Put the stuff away, more or less, ate with the boy. Man, now, I feel like I have been beaten in the middle, all the way around.

Okay, maybe I over did it just a tad. I am 24 hours drug free, and don't really want to take the damned things anymore, The make my brain fuzzy. I guess, like I have done from time to time, I will grit my teeth and deal with it... maybe one pill at bed time, since I don't actually have to think to sleep.

I hate the fact that, in so many ways, I am back a few steps in my journey forward. I am also in the middle of having to make some serious decisions that fuzzy thinking hampers a bit. I'll deal. I always do, but man, I really hoped my life would be a little simpler, easier at this stage.

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Alex » 5 years ago

That's great news Kandy! I visit your blog once in a while and was happy to read this post today.