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Brought up Jan 14, 2013

Sundays With Out Church...

Today has felt like one of the longest days ever. I miss going to church. It makes the whole week drag and Sunday most of all. Throw in flooding rains, two snotty brats who were out all night and slept most of the day, being house bound, and one would understand why I am still in my Jammies.

I had to cut off my broken fingernail, so now I have a very sore pointer with a large amount of nail bed barely covered with a thin sliver of nail. Every little bump sends splinters of pain up my hand. It's my left hand and as a lefty, I am pretty much resigned to a lot of those splinters until the damned thing grows.

Chatted with the BFF on line as she gets ready for a charming procedure in the morning. She has had to do the whole flush thing today. Double gross!! Been there, done that, but not nearly as often as she. I really feel for her.

Not even a text from the Punk this weekend. I hope that is a good thing. He rarely ever is down, but I know his youngest returns to college soon. That will make him droopy for a few days. He has enjoyed her long Christmas break probably more than she has.

Talked on the phone with an old friend from up north, and the husband. Watched Smallville episodes on DVD. Napped. Ate. Played damned FB games. Pretty much sums up my day.

Certain parts hurt like a mother, and as I am down to about 5 pain killers, I am rationing. I have a refill on the bottle, just no cash to get it. It is going to be one long week. At least the staples finally come out Friday morning.

Okay, I'm done grousing for now...

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Connie » 5 years ago

Damn Kandy, ask, I'll send you some money. Message me your address.