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Brought up Jan 12, 2013

Fingernails and Gorilla Glue...

It's kind of nice to have something mundane to worry about after the past weeks. I am so glad I get to fiddle with ordinary things of my regular, pre C life.

See, something I didn't know is that in this day of technology, some old things still come in handy. During surgery, they keep an eye on the vic... er, patient's oxygen levels by studying the color of the nail bed. So, i had to strip my nail polish off. Now, most who know me will tell you that I always wear my nails long and painted. It keeps me from biting them. I have been known to chew them down to bloody nubs otherwise. No polish was a tough thing for me. Anyway, The nails were stained from my favorite polish, Vixen, a deep purplish red. It's sort of a joke, see, after years of wearing pale, almost childish shades. Anyway, I bleached them for my hospital foray.

Since I've been home, I just haven't taken the time to 'do' my nails. For one thing, my hands are not very steady sometimes, and I would end up with more polish everywhere but on the nail. Another reason is I had one of them break on me this week. If you have ever worn long nails, you will understand this. It's broken in just the wrong spot to cut off. It's down in the quick, and half way across. So, it means gluing it until it grows out enough to cut off with out too much pain.

Unfortunately, my Crazy Glue supply is gone, and as I can't walk about in a store just yet, I can't go get more. I don't trust my brats to pick the right stuff. Enter the Gorilla Glue. (Check earlier entries for my grand discovery of this miracle) So, last night, frustrated at not being able to drive, ticked off at being low in cash, and bored stupid, I tried to fix the damned nail with a very thin coat of GG. It looked like it might work. I filed it, smoothed it, with the plan to polish this morning.

GG is not as invincible as I thought. It cracked in the night.

This morning, I have slathered a thicker coat on the damned thing. Since GG expands as it 'cures,' I look like I have some weird fungal growth right now. Once it has dried completely, I'll smooth it down, and test it. If it holds, I'll try polishing so I don't break any more. It's rare for me to have 10 nails of similar length... I'd like to keep them that way a bit. I need some normal in the middle of all the abnormal in my life right now...

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Kelley » 7 months ago

Key: super thin GG. GG/tea bag, let dry, GG, let dry, 3 coats of polish. Drawback: gets yellow under clear.

Flawless color mani: slather polish over cuticles as well as nails. When totally dry, bathe or wash dishes without gloves. Excess polish will peel off easily, leaving professional looking mani.

Best wishes with your illness.

Topee » 1 year ago

Same thing happened to me, like you I've Always had long nails. I cut a slither of a tea bag and stuck it on me nail with gorilla glue it stayed till the nail grew.

cus » 5 years ago

Try puting a piece of a tea bag on befor the gg I know it works with super glue.