How Did I Get Here, And Where Is The Next Turn?

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Brought up Jan 10, 2013


I told a couple of people tonight, I feel like a human McNugget, fresh off the assembly line, shoved off into a box, and forgotten.

I have been trying all week to talk to my doctor. I have now left five messages over three days, and I have yet to have my call returned. I have a few questions I need answered, and most can only be answered by someone with access to my medical file. Isn't it sad that we, or our insurance, pay these people to give us medical care, and once the procedure is finished, we vanish from their realm of existence until our next scheduled, and billable, time?

I finally googled a few of my questions, and I have a few ball park answers, but generalities just don't quite meet my needs. I haven't been a very pleasant person this evening. I've ranted to four people, and it helped a bit. I had one major bawl fest, and it helped a bit, too, but it happens to be one of my damned questions: When can I expect the whole menopause thing to kick in? And am I going to have to invest in bubble wrap for the breakables, or just a lot of tissues?

I am out of my element, and it scares me. Most of all, I just wonder what kind of people I am dealing with that they tell me to call if I have questions, then do not return those calls? I have heard surgeons are prone to having a God complex, but you would think that by now they would at least have called to see how I am recovering, right?

It's as if, the moment the gurney carried me away to a different room, I ceased to exist. I'm actually getting a little pissed off about it. Now, anger is an emotion I understand, not this bawling around for no good reason. Okay, maybe there have been times of such before, but, I FELT I had a reason, even if it was illogical. This is different. It all feels different.

Except for some odd pains, more of those questions, I feel fine, even up beat and cheerful most of the time. This whole business, however, has me on the verge of wanting to rip someone a new one... Woe to he or she who crosses me in this frame of mind...

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Holly » 5 years ago

Oh, Kandy, how frustrating! Just a couple of ideas (but I'll keep my head low, don't want to be in line of fire!!). You might have better luck asking your regular physician rather than the surgeon and you might check to see if there are any post-female-surgery support groups in the area where other women who have been through it could tell you what they went through.