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Brought up Dec 24, 2012

Christmas Eve...

I just came in from my walk. It was a rainy night, and now its a drizzly day. My umbrella is messed up, so I decided to go ahead and walk in the drizzle. It's probably in the 50s out, comfortable to walk in the rain.

For several weeks now, I have had problems sleeping. Awake every 2 or 3 hours. Sometimes, I wake just long enough to notice, and roll over; Sometimes I am awake for 30 minutes or longer. Also, the past few weeks, I am either cold or very hot when I wake, ether tossing back the covers, or dragging them up to my chin. It's been crazy, and effecting my very thought processes. I hope once the surgery is done, I can finally sleep through the night.

I woke about as rested as ever this morning. Roasting to death, of course. Around 3 a m, I got up and turned down our main heater. When I got up at 7, I turned off the electric one in the living room. While everyone else says they are comfortable, or even a little chilled, most of the time I am suffocating. So I enjoyed my walk in the rain.

I only did a mile, but it was nice. I noticed on the way out that the high winds we had a few days ago knocked over the big plywood angels that one of our neighbors has in their yard. I think they are tacky. They are painted white, with no features. There is a much smaller nativity scene, same cut outs with no real features, and the outlines of two sheep. Next to all this is a sleigh and two reindeer, plywood forms fitted together. Still, I've thought for years that they were tacky.

On my way back, I have no idea what came over me. I never mess with things that don't belong to me. Anyway, I went into the yard, and set the angels back up as best I could, the one little sheep that was on the ground, and fitted one of the reindeer heads back on the body. I don't know if the people were home, and just hadn't bothered to set things right. For a time today, anyway, on Christmas Eve, they are at least placed the way they are meant to be, all out of proportion with each other, tacky. Yet, someone liked them enough to either make or buy them, and keep them in their yard every Christmas season for several years now. Who am I to judge?


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