How Did I Get Here, And Where Is The Next Turn?

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Brought up Dec 19, 2012

And So It Begins, Continued.

Cuz, I am working with the West Clinic out of Memphis, but they have a smaller office in Corinth. It takes actually about 45 minutes, but I like to be early, and allow for traffic. The WC office is actually the Cancer Center next to Magnolia Hospital. My surgery, how ever, will be in Memphis, where my doc has his robot set up. I keep picturing Robbie the Robot from Lost in Space, Or the one that crashed on Gilligan's Island.

Connie, doll, so far so good. Thanks for all the positive thoughts and prayers. Am praying for comfort for your dad. Man, I feel like such a whiner compared to him and our fellow church member, Hal. Praying for strength for you all.

To everyone else, thanks for reading, even if you don't comment. I appreciate it.


Okay, after all my whinging and whining, the CT was nothing. Well, the dye going in was kind of funky, with this odd sensation that the tech warned me about: She said most women feel like they peed themselves. Uhm, weeelll, yeah, it was sort of like that.

I discovered a few hours ago that I lost my favorite earring, probably in the elevator or the halls of the hospital. I am upset. I mean, it has no monetary value, but I have had that one earring longer than I have had my kids. It's a tiger's eye, my favorite stone, and the only one I owned. I am going to call the hospital in the morning to see if there is a lost/found. It's so small though, it will probably get sucked up by the house keeping staff with out even being noticed. It breaks my heart. I know its silly, but I've worn that little stud for 25 years. I wore it while both my kids were born. I wore it to every event, well, literally 99% of the past 25 years. I love it. I lost it's mate about 8 months or so after I got them, but I have hung on for dear life to that one. Now, it's probably gone for good. Except for my engagement ring, and a ring I inherited from my favorite aunt, it was the oldest piece of jewelry I owned.

I used to go to the pawn shops with my boy brat, back when he was looking for 'good deals.' One of them had two tiger's eye rings that I used to day dream of owning. I never even asked the prices, because I never had any money to frivolously spend like that. Both rings were men's rings, but in my dream, I would buy one or the other, and have it sort of whittled down to make it more feminine. I have actually dreamed of owning a tiger's eye ring, and wearing it on my right middle finger until I kick.

I can't explain why I like that stone so much. It isn't particularly one of the prettiest or very valuable, I guess. There is just something that draws me to it. It just feels right some how. Now, I feel like I lost a piece of myself. For half of my life, I guess it was part of me.

I'm not really into material stuff, but that tiny piece of gold and stone was precious to me. Stupid, I know, to cry over losing such a cheap thing. The stone may not have even been genuine. I bought them at a store that was going out of business, along with a good sized Garfield that I still have. I think I paid 2 bucks for those earrings, and they were the kind they use in the gun for piercing. Nah, probably not real. Still, it sort of feels like the end of something on the very day I start the process of getting my health back in order. I just hope it isn't an omen of things to come.


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