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Brought up Apr 1, 2013

Another Weekend

It's been a few days. With the husband home, it's difficult to write. Still, it isn't that I don't have anything to write, but too much to sort through.

Tomorrow is our 26th Anniversary. It's sort of sad, because it's nothing special for us anymore, never has been really. Sometimes, it just feels like ticking off time. We've never made a big deal about it. No gifts, or trips or any form of celebration. I would have liked SOMETHING over the years. There's never been much money, and the husband isn't very creative. I gave up years ago trying to come up with something to mark the day. We plan to go to lunch tomorrow, as he has a meeting in the evening, the real reason he schedules his home time these days. It hurts my feelings every year that he makes no effort to show he's happy to be married to me. I usually end up picking a fight about it, but these days, I am just too emotionally tired to fight anymore.

We've spent the past few evenings watching trilogies. Lord of the Rings, and Bourne.

Church was nice yesterday. It was the first time in a month we made it there. Micah's new water pump held up, so I will be going more now, with or without the brats. The highlight for me was seeing the Cajun looking more robust, with HAIR! I am so thrilled he is getting stronger, and is cancer free. Of course, during the announcements, the priest asked about birthdays and anniversaries, and the brat had to nudge me in a way that EVERYONE noticed so the husband and I had to go forward for a special prayer. She read one from out prayer book's wedding ceremony. It was nice of her to do that.

Not having any small ones, and STARVING, we chose to forgo the egg hunt and instead pigged out at Ryan's. It was actually fun, hanging with the girl brat and the husband. Then the crowds came, and it got loud. We waddled out, came home, and I had to have a nap to get rid of a headache.

I spent the evening as I always do. Played games on here and talked until my phone died with my friend from high school. sort of boring, I know. Maybe I'll have some profound words, or at least goofy, obnoxious sharing to do later.


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