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Brought up Mar 23, 2013

What to Write, What To Write...

There are just times I have not much to write. It isn't that I have nothing to say. It's that, usually, I actually have too much whirling about in my head and it's hard to pin one thing down long enough to put it into words on the page.

When I first started blogging, I read as much as I could find out there to get ideas on things to write, thinking there was some formula or something. Instructions. I know. Nutty, right?

Some of the best ideas were taken. My kids are grown, and though I do have a few little stories from when they were small, they would dim in comparison with those who are still raising what I like to call ankle biters. There are some wonderful sites out there with marital themes. Nah, one topic I could never give advice on, and too depressing to blather on about my failures there. I decided I do random best. I could keep going, listing all the things I found. Hell, if I'm going to make a frigging list anyway, why not something fun instead. It was one of the suggestions out there anyway.

Hummm... Okay, how's this? Things I dislike...

Hospitals that, over about 3 months, change and move everything around to the point that you spend 20 minutes trying to find where you have to check in... with your stomach churning from the disgusting barium crap you have drunk, just sure you are going to puke before they can run you through the damned doughnut.

Onions... raw especially have this awful texture that makes me want to puke.

Bigots... Anyone who thinks they are superior to another person because of color, sex, religion, nationality, education, or lack there of. I try my best to accept folks as individuals, but manage to screw that up from time to time. I guess we all do at some point. If we were all perfect, Christ wouldn't have had to do His bit, right?

Self bashers... Hey, I have the corner on that one, and I hate sharing. I get really depressed by people who are always so critical of themselves. They don't see that we all screw up, have something about ourselves we don't particularly like. Okay, no one has to be critical of anything doing with me, because I do it enough for ten folks. I could make a list of all the things I dislike about myself, but then jerks would think I was just trying for sympathy, or cheering up. Nah, I'll keep that list all to myself, thanks. Besides, I need to sleep sometime this century.

How 'bout just a quick list of likes? I know, I know... but I am bored...


Mac and cheese, in any shape or form

Pasta in general


Pizza, with everything but onions, peppers or anchovies



Spring breezes

The smell of the ocean

The beach, sand between my toes, as the sun quietly begins to cause the sky to light just a bit, but hasn't made it's appearance with stars still in the west.

The sound of the waves as they touch the sand like a shy boy stealing a kiss and quickly running away.

A good book

English movies

Jackie Chan movies

Icy cold sweet tea

Hot coffee with hazelnut



Tomato soup with milk instead of water

Nearly any cheese I have ever tried, including blue

Oops, that was more food...



Any actor that can make me forget they are acting to the point where I get wrapped up in the story and weep in the right places.

Fluffy white clouds scurrying across a bright blue sky.

Hummm... I could keep going. I guess, these days, I have more likes than dislikes. Who would have thought pulling out of depression would show me so many wonderful things still around, eh?

Oh, I had what I pray was my last CAT scan today... We shall see next week.


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