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Brought up Mar 16, 2013

Bits & Pieces

First, Connie, sweetie, thanks for coming back time after time. I always appreciate your kind words. Punk, you do realize you are one of the two I mentioned that keep me off the ledge, right? Love ya like family, bud.

It's one of those great days when I feel like I could walk up to the devil and punch him in the face. Sunny, warm, absolutely fabulous. I am jealous of the Punk on his camping trip. He and his brothers really picked a perfect weekend.

I had a thought about attitude a little while ago, walking out of a store. I had my back straight, head high, even if my hair is a mess and I'm wearing my sweats and t. I had just been chatting with the girls in the store, where I am a regular, and we all tease each other. They always make me smile. Anyway, I was walking to my car when a movie quote popped into my head, about attitude. I can't remember the movie, but I think one of the actors might be Keanu. (Give me a shout if you know this flick. I think it might be Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.) These two guys are walking into some place. One turns to the other and says something like, "When we get in here, act like you own the place." The other guy asks, "How are you gonna you act?" The guy comes back, "Like I just sold it to you." I think we all should have a little of that attitude once in a while.

Went to the library this morning, returning the Crichton, and Dunne books. (The Dunne book was Season in Purgatory. A very good read.) This time, I checked out two more of Crichton's, Prey, and Eaters of the Dead. Should be interesting. I also got two others, straying into the bio section. Okay, sue me. I have liked Donny Osmond since I was maybe 9, so I am really looking forward to seeing what he has to say in his autobio. The other is also an autobio, written by Randy Owens of the band Alabama. Both should be entertaining, at least.

Oh!! I did get some wonderful news yesterday. The Cajun got the results of his PET scan, and after 6 months of surgery, chemo, etc, he is cancer free. I broke down and cried as I thanked God for that news. Thrilled barely scratches the surface of those emotions.

I spent a big chunk of last night on the phone. I think it was Call Kandy Evening or something. I chatted with the husband, as usual, but also with the BFF, the Feisty One, who is on baby watch with her first grand child, and a dear friend from high school up north. (I guess I'll have to come up with a nickname for her some time.) I actually talked until my battery went dead. Wild.

Anyway, there's the bits and pieces of the day, for now. TTFN...

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Anonymous » 5 years ago

Praise God that the Cajin got the wonderful news CANCER FREE. love stories with happy endngs