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Brought up Mar 20, 2013

Purple Is Myh Sig-na-chah Cullah....

First, to the Weewoman... My darling, dearest friend. You have no idea how truly grateful i am to have you in my life. Our friendship has spanned a lifetime. There are no words to describe what your love and devotion mean to me. You are my sister from another mother and father, and occupy a space in my heart you created and no one else can ever fill. I love you, sweetie. Even that seems inadequate. Thank you for never giving up on me when others have.

Now, the title. My pathetic imitation of Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias. (Okay, in the movie, it's pink. whoopie!!) It's a line I have used since the first time I saw the movie to explain why I wear purple a lot. It is my favorite color, in nearly every shade. If it were not for the fact that it would just look weird, I would wear it all the time. What I have never admitted to a living soul, that I am aware of, anyway, is the fact that my purple love grew to near obsession when I read that it was someone else's favorite. I'm sure the WW and Punk know where this is going... Yeah, I was one of those nut job preteens that was devoted to Donny Osmond.

Come on, admit it. What red blooded, girl between about 10 and 14 growing up in the seventies did not fall for that hair, smile, face, oh, and he could sing. Here was a boy our age, more or less, completely out of our reach, to dream about. he wasn't one of those twerps that hit you or pulled your hair if he liked you. For our generation, he was that perfect boy for our budding interest in the male of the species. His hair was perfect, his smile stunning, and he dressed cool. He gleamed. Real boys were drab by comparison. To quote Donny, "No one ever sat me down and told me... Every girl in the world under a certain age will dream of marrying you. Also, be sure to remember that every boy your age will hate your guts." ( Sad, but true, huh Punk? Hahahaha!!)

I am half way through the autobiography published in 1999. In reading, I am seeing the real person behind the magazine pictures I had plastered on my bedroom walls. I am sure he glosses over some things, but for the most part, he reveals much more than I expected. Yes, he had a writing partner, but I get the feeling, she just smoothed the edges. He is funny, articulate, smart. Most of all, he shows just how real he is. As I told the Punk this afternoon, uncool as it is, I am a little bit in like with him all over again. Maybe I never stopped liking him, just pretending when it was no longer 'in' to like Donny. Hey, in my old age here, I am allowed to admire whom ever I want.

My only problem with the book is the religion thing. I lived in Utah for a year and a half, and had some not so great experiences with Latter Day Saints, the Mormons. Don't get me wrong, I am sure most are lovely people, but the ones near the military base were not very welcoming. They were especially rude to my English Goth friend.

Putting that aside, I admire the family Osmond. They come across in the book as a warm, if stern, truly loving family. Although, the episode of where Donny, age eight, and on tour in Sweden with his brothers and father, got a spanking for writing how homesick he was to his mother back home broke my heart. And, all the success and fame came at a very cruel cost.

Best of all, I learned that the magazines we teenyboppers read had at least one thing right. Donny really did only wear purple socks, to the point of obsession. What the heck is wrong with that? Purple is, truly, a fabulous color!!!

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Tha Punk » 5 years ago

Well that explains the purple - and, i guess that is a cool enough reason to obsess. I grew to like ole Donny but i was definitely jealous of the attention he got from the girls. Sounds like a good read.