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Brought up Mar 10, 2013

Sunday In River City

Connie, thanks for the advice. I plan to have a little heart to heart with the Doc about that. He has said that hormone replacement was out, as my cancer was estrogen fed. We'll see if there are any alternatives. Hugs, sweetie.

It's my 3rd Sunday without church. I really can't risk the water pump going out on Micah driving 60 miles round trip. The girl said I could use her car, but it has issues. Anything goes wrong on my watch, and I would NEVER hear the end of it. 30 years from now, sitting in my nursing home, she would still be bitching about it. So, I stayed home. I did get my walk in this morning, though, and slept in.

I did have my breakfast by the river this morning. The temps are great, even if the sun has decided to hide from me. I watched that iron gray water move along, the wind ruffling it. It was peaceful for about 10 minutes, before the yahoos showed up. Okay, it was mostly folks out doing what I was doing, I guess. Still, it was an invasion. I watched a Heron swooping over the water, then landing in it, flapping its wings in search of fish. The trees are still bare, no green anywhere, yet. Yet the water was the same, always flowing, and taking some of my worry with it.

I did a bit of thinking on the church thing sitting there. Sure, this town is full of churches, 5 within walking distance from here. There are so many denominations to choose from. But, see, for me, "church" has nothing to do with a building. Church is the people. I am sure most of the ones around here would be welcoming, even if it's mostly superficial. We have a lot of that in this town, going through the motions. A lot of folks playing at 'church,' when it is mostly just something they do, a social affair. Many just don't really see what it should be. For me, "church" has more to do with visiting with God, and doing His work. Our small group works hard in the community, helping the needy, as well as working with literacy, among other things. As for visiting with God, I can do that anywhere. So, I sat by the river, one of His many creations I admire, the reason our town was founded to begin with. I am a little more peaceful, the mind a bit calmer. The struggle goes on, but I am drawing out of what ever funk has possessed me the past few weeks. At least, I am trying to pull myself out of it.

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Connie » 5 years ago

Hi Kandy,

Sounds like a lovely morning to start your day. I hope the rest of the day is just as lovely.