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Brought up Feb 27, 2013

Teachers, Our Unsung Heroes...

I just learned that a favorite teacher from high school passed away. Mr Rohr was one of those tough teachers that you earned every point you received for your grade, complained about every day, but appreciated once you realized you actually learned something. He truly seemed to want his students to learn.

Hearing of his passing has me thinking of other teachers I had in school. There are probably more that have passed than those still living now that taught me. I never got the chance to thank the ones who made a difference in my life. So, I will do it here.

There was Mrs Pruitt. She was kind to me at a time when I was in serious need of that. You didn't act up in her class... my hand still tingles when I think of 'Sambo' her little black strap. Still, I have fond memories of her.

Mrs Daily, who I know is still with us, who encouraged my writing. She was such a sweet lady. One of those who raised her kids before she began teaching. We were her first class, and I have been told she still thinks of us as her babies. Hehe...

Humm, let's see. Mrs Denton was a hard woman, but to this day, I can do fractions because of her.

Miss Wade, now Mrs Goodman... I owe her for my love of Shakespeare, as she brought a recording of Romeo and Juliet for our class to listen to. She was another who was kind. She tolerated my quick tears, when I had plenty of reason to cry, though none knew that.

Mrs Battles, who let me sing in chorus. Truth be told, I was lousy. Still, I remember all the words to Annie's Song because of her.

Mrs Kenny, who took our French class to Chicago for the day. It was my first intro to the Art Museum, and French cuisine. She was also my English teacher. Reading Ordinary People, then her taking us to the theater to see it was great. The Jungle made me look at hot dogs differently for a very long time.

Mr Cater I owe what I know of Geometry. One of the few times I actually liked a math class. And the first teacher I crushed on. LOL

Mr Adams was a creep, but he furthered my love of Shakespeare, and books.

Mr Potts, humm. Well, we learned it was best not to sleep in his class. One boy did, and Mr Potts picked his pockets.

Mrs Bradfield, whom we called Battleaxe. She read a note to me out loud to the class, mortifying both me and the boy who sent it.

Mr Thorne, who made you carry a baby bottle if you 'acted like a baby' in his class. I once accidentally allowed my pencil to roll down my desk, receiving that threat.

As for college professors, only two have stuck in my memory. Mr Saltmarsh, who was one of my 'education' professors. At the end of the semester, he threw a party for his students and tried to teach me to play backgammon. He and his wife let me crash at their house one night when my room mate was no where to be found, and had the only key to our apartment at the time.

The other was Dr Bob, yes, his last name. Dr Bob told us about how he paid for college by writing for 'true romance' magazines. He was the typical cliche of a professor: short hair, black framed glasses, tie just a bit too short, dress pants... every class, until finals day. then, he showed up in sweats. He was smart, funny, and liked my writing.

Teachers are the first adults that we meet, usually, out side our family. They do more than teach. They help guide us, shaping us into the people we become. I am grateful for ALL the lessons these, and ones whose names I have forgotten, taught me.


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