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Brought up Mar 3, 2013

An I Got Nothin' Week...

Two weeks in a row of no church just doesn't cut it. I hate being broke, and now Micah, my trusty steed may have water pump issues. HHHHHHH...

Not exactly the stuff of inspired material, I know.

This week has sucked. I did read a fairly decent James Patterson. Alex Cross tortured in Africa isn't great for bringing up the mood, though.

The husband brought home a couple of decent flicks that have helped. Zoom has some pretty funny moments with Tim Allen and Chevy Chase. Failure to Launch of course has Matt M. He could be clipping his toenails for an hour and a half... okay, maybe not quite that far, but still. Worth a watch. Bradshaw is pretty funny, too. And, to top it off, Airheads. Brendan Fraser at the beginning of his career, and funny as all get out.

I did discover that any coffee is drinkable with hazelnut creamer in it. The scent alone is enough to make lousy coffee palatable.

I went a day with out my piece of crap binder, and my stomach was sore the next day. It's been 8 frigging weeks after all, and I figure, I'm well. The thing has elastic exploding out every which way, threads unraveling, barely tight enough to notice. Still, until I get something I can live with to fight gravity, it's going to have to do. I have noticed that my belly is smaller with out the thing, so what the heck, right? Maybe the Punk is onto something with his theory of compression. Long story.

Anyway, like I said, it's been a slow, crappy week right... I got nothin'.

Oh, I am approaching 4500 all time hits. I guess that's a little something. Thanks for that, ya'll.

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