How Did I Get Here, And Where Is The Next Turn?

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Brought up Nov 12, 2012

Me? The Voice of Reason??

It's been a slightly interesting weekend. The husband actually got home on Thursday, able to go with me to the doctor. Yesterday, he got a wild hair to finally go get his eyes checked, though he has known for quite some time that it needed to happen. Of course, the only one that takes our insurance, here in town, was not open. We had to drive to Jackson. Of course it took a little longer to get there than usual, it being my husband in question. 20 minutes late for the appointment. Once the exam was over, he realized if he wanted the glasses before he left on the road again, we would have to go to another place in the mall.

The blasted sales person tried to get him to go with the more expensive add ons, making the part the insurance didn't cover more than we could afford. We went for a walk around to discuss it. I had to put my foot down, and make him listen to reason. It was one of the few times in 25 years of marriage that I put my foot down, with out a fight, and he listened. I also took charge with the sales person, who seemed to understand once I let her know we were on a budget of sorts. In the end we were only out 10 for the doctor and 10 on the glasses, his very first.

I think he looks nice in glasses, smart. Too bad they don't make him any smarter... LOL!!

After church, we went to get the BFF and took her out for her birthday. My first time at Applebee's. We had a nice lunch, chattering like crazy. Back at her place, we looked at the photos from our trip on the disk she had made for me. Some were gorgeous, but others had me in them, unfortunately.

At home, I actually figured out how to down load them all by myself. Even posted a few onto Facebook. I can not believe I really did it on my own with out anyone advising me at all. I wish I could learn everything that quickly.

Now, it's late, I'm cranky, it's raining, a frankly, I have to pee... later!


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