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Brought up Nov 16, 2012

My World and Welcome to It...

First of all, to the WW AKA the BFF, Connie, Holly, and Becky, I think you guys broke the record for number of comments in one day, for me. I am humbled, and so grateful for all your support, prayers, and confidence in me. you have no idea how much it means to have all ya'll, and everyone who reads, in my corner. I WILL BEAT THIS!

Tonight, someone was asking questions to which I am not at liberty to answer. It makes me chuckle, though. See, I have given most of my friends that I mention from time to time nick names. It's a habit of mine that I call everyone sweetie, hon, darlin', doll... the list goes on. When I began writing this blog, it just made sense to protect my friends and family's identities as best I could, because you never know who may read this. There are some sick puppies in this world, and I would never want anyone I love hurt because of my insignificant little blog. It is still out there in the either for any to read, however, and I will continue to protect them from dangers that probably only exist in my warped little mind.

That said, the question was, Who is the Punk? Good question. Not telling, but very good question. I sometimes wonder myself. The person I call the Punk is an old friend, as I believe I mentioned in an earlier blog, that was one of three old classmates who returned to my life this past year. He has become one of my best friends ever, second only to the Wee Woman. He is cantankerous, annoying, and stuffy one moment, and then turns into this quirky, silly goofball the next. He is with out a doubt, one of the sweetest, kindest people I know. He has become an invaluable part of my life. Best of all, the husband is glad to have someone else out there who will put up with me, and the Punk fits that quite nicely. After all, it is a job he and the WW have shouldered alone for a long time, and I know they grow weary of it sometimes. I spent a year, so far, weaving my evil web to snare the Punk, the Feisty One, and the Sweetie and keep them in my life for it's duration. No way I will divulge his or any of their secret, true identities. That would be like yanking off Clark Kent's glasses... Okay, it is my little world, after all, and I can paint it as I please... so who is the Punk? To draw from my Irish roots, Ah, that would be tellin' now wouldn't it?

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Connie » 5 years ago

You are <3 and being prayed for. Thanks for being my friend. (((hugs)))

Becky » 5 years ago

You are so right it is your world to do with as you please, you put up those road blocks anywhere you want to. LOL I am glad to know that you have the Punk in your life, friends like dont come along that often. I Ienjoy reading your blogs (even if I dont comment on every one) you have a gift of telling your stories, and the Love that you feel for these people really shows. God Bless!