How Did I Get Here, And Where Is The Next Turn?

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Brought up Nov 3, 2012

Morning at Orange Beach, Alabama

I woke very early this morning. I tried to dress in the dark, so not wanting to disturb the BFF. I was unsuccessful; Nothing unusual to that. Anyway, we went down to the beach, and watched the sunrise. It was one of the most amazing sights ever in my life. There is just something about those colors, over all that water, and the waves scurrying up the sand, and back again. I could live here. At first we were alone on the beach, though we could see folks on their balconies. we had the best view, though. We were joined by a beach comber strolling the water's edge... a crane. the sucker seemed unafraid of people, even came about 6-8 feet from us. I wasn't afraid of it at all. It was so awesome, its long, delicate legs and neck. Beautiful...

Yesterday, we went with the BFF's sis in law to Pensacola. We bought a few things to haul home, then hit the beach. I had to wade around like a fool, of course, and as I was coming out of the water the second time, a wave knocked me down. I crawled, laughing, until I was clear of the waves and could stand, to the laughter of my two... companions.

Anyway, I sat in the sun, collected shells that we forgot at the sis and bro's place, and just chilled. It's the most relaxed I have been in a very long time.

Last night was a bit disappointing.

It started off great. We checked in, and unloaded. As we were heading in toward the elevator, a man approached us. He starts talking, asking questions, looking at the BFF's wedding rings, and asking if there were any single women left around. We chuckled. We told him we were celebrating our 50ths together. The look of surprise on his face had us both laughing.

Of course, once we were in our room, and got a look at ourselves in the mirror, I figured, he thought we were older! LOL.

Anyway, we showered, dressed and went out. Dinner was wonderful. Italian. If you are ever here, I highly recommend Franco's. I ate calamari for the first time, and fell in love... Oh, ask for Anthony. Tell him I sent you. He will give you a puzzled, confused look, but he was a wonderful waiter.

We decided we wanted to go to the place elevator man mentioned, Flor Bama. The sis in law highly recommended it, and the Punk even mentioned that he knew folks who had been there and enjoyed themselves. Not him, of course, Mr Tea Totaler, Goody Goody. If you want to go to the hottest night spot in town, I recommend going very early, taking a cab, or walking. No parking to be had anywhere near the joint. We ended up buying a bottle of cheap wine and watching Friends reruns. the BFF was soon snoring away. I followed not too long after.

So, now, we have been up a couple of hours, and as the BFF shivers, fights with her ornery cell phone, has called her girl brat to wish her a happy 23rd, we are chillin' a bit. The day is young, and I am sure we will be back on the sand later. For now, the BFF says she feels a day older than dirt, and is hitting the shower. I think we will see what there is to see around before I go splashing again.

I can't wait to see the sun set over the water. I hear it is more amazing than the sunrise. If that's the case... I may never go home.


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