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Brought up Oct 30, 2012

Men... @#$#@#$%#!!!

I have come to the conclusion that no man REALLY pays attention to anything. After 25 years of marriage, and a life of studying these creatures, not to mention raising one, I have decided its something embedded in their DNA.

Let's take the ones in my life as an example. It is a limited sample of the population, to be sure, but varied.

There is of course the one I married. He tends to be a bit selfish, egotistical, and narrow minded. (Just the truth, hon. You know it.) If he wants something, he buys it, and damn the consequences. He rarely pays attention to anything I say, like or want...

The boy I raised is a bit better on that, but only because I have been his mom for almost 25 years, since I popped the sucker out, sans painkillers, and induced, and swore the little monster would not be like the rest. He is male through and through. He has the selfish, egotistical, narrow mindedness of his branch of the species. BUT, and capitals are very appropriate, he does pay attention sometimes. He listens better than most, sees things that other males don't, and has a kind heart that, again, few of his group has.

There is the Punk, of course. Yes, he has those annoying traits mentioned. (sorry, doll.) The real beauty is, on some points, anyway, he admits it. He also has a very kind heart, listens fairly well, and sometimes even remembers what he is told. (Hehehehe)

There are other stray males in my life. My brother, who fits into those male traits like they were tailored for him. The BFF's brothers, ditto. Men I know from church... humm... yep. All ages, all walks of life, from doctors to ditch diggers... I have yet to meet one yet who doesn't fit into some, if not all of those traits. Even those whom I know prefer other men in relationships. Show me a guy who doesn't, and I will show you one who is just a very good actor.

I guess, if you want one of these creatures in your life, you have to deal with these traits. You learn to live with these traits, deal with them, or work around them. You also learn to soothe that ego, trying your best not to bruise it much. It is, after all, how we are conditioned as females.

So, the best way to deal with the less observant...

Lists. Constant yammering. Nagging. They bitch about it, but it's their own fault we do these things.

So, here is a list, in writing, of my favorites, once again, husband mine:

Color... well, that one you have no choice at remembering... since there is so much purple around it looks like the Purple People Eater threw up. But, I also like dark green, midnight blue, and yellow.

Flowers... yellow roses, you think, right? Ehh, sort of. Actually, sterling roses, daisies, butter cups, those tiny wild violets, gardenias, magnolia blossoms and tulips.

Food... Ah, dear, you have no clue. Well, maybe just a tad. Chinese, pizza, lasagna, and just about any breakfast food... Oh, and fried chicken, mac and cheese, and that old standard, cracklin' bread.

Desserts... practically anything chocolate, chess pie, and yes, fruit cake. Lemon and key lime pie, too.

Drinks? I like dark beers, Bud, Jack and Coke, sweet, red wine, especially port, but sometimes, some white wines not to mention several mixed drinks, if they are sweet.

Time of year... Autumn, hands down.

Holiday... Christmas, of course.

Past times... Reading, writing, movies, right? Ah, darling, you forget how much I like museums, plays, and just watching people.

Okay, now, misc. stuff.

Angels, turtles, dogs, cats, frogs, citrus scents, purses, simple jewelry, Alabama football, the Bears, Cubs, Blackhawks.

Christmas is coming. Maybe you should write this stuff down, husband.

I expect to get something I like this year...

Let's see what happens...

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Da Punk » 5 years ago

maybe you jest - but it's true.. these traits are not negative though, they serve their purpose... and aren't they so likable? hehe

Actual, every guy reading this wishes their significant woman would also provide such a list...