How Did I Get Here, And Where Is The Next Turn?

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Brought up Oct 22, 2012

Way Too Early

My girl brat woke me at 4 a m ish, asking me to make sure she was up at 8. Sure, not a problem. Mom has been awake every since...

I hate insomnia. I hate being so awake, with very little sleep. It's as if my brain has suddenly been switched into high gear. My body is screaming, are you insane? Every little ache begins to make it's presence known, my body begging for rest and my brain just keeps roaring away.

I am still reeling from the weekend. The BFF revealed some things that have me angry, and sad for her. And angry with myself. I feel like I have been a very lousy friend. She was going through so much pain, and I was blind to it. I asked her why I didn't know what hell she was going through, and she said it was hers to deal with on her own. I have thought, and said those words myself from time to time, keeping things to myself. It is usually things that are too painful for me to share because I am afraid of being judged and having others think less of me for being so stupid in decisions, or actions. I understood. It still pisses me off a little that she kept some painful things from me. I love her. I would die for her, and now, damn it to hell, I would kill her ex husband if I had the chance. The Wee Woman is one tough lady, but as her name implies, she is this tiny person that I am very protective of. Anyone who hurts her, I want to crush to a bloody pulp. It's a good thing her ex has steered clear of us all since the divorce. If I ever see him, I will at least give the prick a piece of my mind, at the least. Knowing me, I'll probably land myself in jail for assault, because, I am sure I will let loose on his sorry ass and deck him.

It's finally starting to get light out. I think I'll get dressed and go for a walk. I really need to clear my head, and work out the kinks in the old bod from the trip. Man, if I am this achy after an hour's drive, I am going to be eating Tylenol like Tic Tacs when we go to the Gulf...

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wee woman » 5 years ago

While we are there we will bury the past at sea. Im a suvivor, you know this. It takes a lot more to put me down....glad you have my back though. As I will always have yours