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Brought up Oct 22, 2012

The Rest of My Weekend...

I made it home. It's strange. When I cross that Alabama line going into the state, it's as if something lifts off me the minute I see that sign. Usually, when I am returning, it feels like what ever fell away is lurking, and jumps back into my car. Maybe I should keep the windows up next time, because this time, I think the cracked window was enough to leave part of that what ever at that state line. Maybe it has just grown smaller, faded a bit with each trip 'home' to Alabama.

I'm sure some of the old worries and problems will still be with me when I wake tomorrow, but I have a feeling that I am starting handle them differently. Maybe they are shrinking, or I'm just getting better at avoiding them. Who knows?

As always, my time with the BFF, AKA Wee Woman, was a mixed bag. We talked of things we always talk about: men, the past, sex, family, getting in gear for the 5-0, and how people tell us neither of us looks our age. (Such kind, big liars!) We never seem to have enough time to talk. This time, we had a new topic: Our trip in exactly 11 days to Orange Beach, Alabama. We are both chomping at the bit to get going, I think. We both need this change of scenery for a few days. I don't care what the temps are like, and she concurs. We plan to watch the sun set on the ocean both nights. Okay, its the friggin Gulf of Mexico, but, it does connect to the ocean. Besides, it will be the biggest body of water I have ever been near, and white sand in which to bury my toes. The Punk said recently that I was one person he was sure would recognize and enjoy the beauty of it all. I hope he's right. The best part is I will be seeing it in the state I love, with one of the people in my life I adore as a sister. She has been my shoulder to cry on, my adviser, my rock. It is only fitting she shares what is, to me, a great wonder of the world, as we prepare for that great big gorilla lurking... Convincing the rest of the world that 50 ain't nothin' but a number. I think, in our own ways, we both will smack that sucker down, no problem.

Of course, watching the Alabama/Tennessee game was the highlight of the trip. There is nothing like watching a game with someone who loves the team as much as I do, even if I was the only one throwing a teddy bear at the screen on a lousy play. Okay, so I missed and hit the shelf below, big deal! Mosley, Lacy, and McCarron showed those yahoos how the game is played. That touch down that suddenly got taken away just because one of our poor unfortunate boys was not where he was supposed to be SUCKED!! And I am now half loving that cute little A J McCarron. Damn! That boy can throw! After all he has been through, it is even more powerful to see him play so well. Google him... Incredible story. Bama kicked ass, and didn't even bother taking names!!

Anyway. Here I am at home. Haven't seen hide nor hair of the brats. I was met by the kitties, and a load of wet laundry... If I hadn't needed to wash my own, I'd have left the damned things sitting!!!

11 days... man, I just can not wait for the sand between my toes, acting a fool with the BFF... I pity the poor folks who will have to deal with us! They ain't gonna know what hit them when the two of us hit town! Unless, of course, the drive does us in and we decide to behave... Nah, no way, ain't happenin'!!!

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wee woman » 5 years ago

Toes in the water ass in the sand.....toast for the punk who made it possible