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Brought up Oct 21, 2012

There Are Places I Remember...

That title is from one of my favorite Beatles' songs..."In My Life."

I was hoping to write last night, but too many distractions. I got up a little early, hoping to do the same, but the BFF is now puttering in the kitchen making coffee, so this may not be what I want. I have to collect my thoughts in quiet.

This weekend has not been quite what I wanted; It has been so much more.

I expected to be helping her sort through things, and, I guess, in a way we have. Instead of more of her mom and dad's things that need to be dealt with, though, we have been sorting through thoughts and things from the past. I think she has needed that more anyway.

When I got down here, a bit of fussing over my hair with a curling iron (a few minutes, and I look like a different person. The chick's a genius!) and with makeup, and we were off to town. Chinese food, my fave.

We were up until 4 a.m. drinking a little wine, watching Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band, drooling over Barry Gibb. mainly, just jawing.

It dawned on us that this is the most time we have been together, with out supervision, ever.

Yesterday, we slept in. After dragging about, drinking coffee and waking slowly, we decided to go look around the mall. On the way, I drove down the road where I once lived, before she and I met.(It is weird to see those words, as it seems she and I have always known each other.) Anyway, the place has changed quite a bit from the last time I was down that road. I found a few of my old land marks and got my bearings. To be honest, it was very good to see those changes. As I finally put some bad memories where they belong, to rest, (preferably burned to a crisp and buried under a ton of dirty cat litter) It was very nice to see time is erasing the places that hold those memories, too.

The mall was fun, only a couple of, 'Oh, God, is it crowded and close in here?' moments. A late lunch/early supper at Arby's, and we checked out a huge store devoted to just... makeup??? Okay, they had a lot of perfumes, too. She was a kid in a candy store. Me, more like a hooker in church... expecting someone to escort me to the door. Following her around, I relaxed, and started actually enjoying it.

After retracing the previous evening's route, in daylight so I can hopefully find my way again, she showed me a few of her stomping grounds from our brief time apart.

Back here, her niece arrived, trying to draw the BFF into her little dramas, big dramas, and bullshit. She handled it with her usual grace... basically, "Clean up your own bullshit." God, I love her! I wanna be just like her when I grow up.

We watched the Crying Game, and talked more.Things only your best girl understands. Now, It's watching Tim Dalton as Bond, sipping coffee. I dread leaving.

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wee woman » 5 years ago

Sorry we didnt have chance evereything. But this weekend I sorta cleaned out my own private closet. Guess I needed that more. I love you and.thanks.for.listening to my rambles

Hope i can rerurn the.favor