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Brought up Oct 24, 2012

SNAFU... An Interesting Word

That word has been in our collective vocabulary inventory for quite some time. Many folk don't even know it's origins. I do, thanks to my dear husband, a nut, er fan, of WWII books and info. The military is very fond of initials, as anyone who has been exposed in any way to those who have served our country knows. So, snafu... Situation Normal All Fucked Up. Pretty much sums things up, huh?

This afternoon, I called the doctor's office. Normally, as anyone knows, most doctors will call a day or two ahead of an appointment, to make sure a person is planning to keep the appointment. I have one of those tomorrow. Since I had not heard, and since this is a new doctor whose offices I had no clue how to find, I called them.

The first info was not too bad. They had my phone number wrong. Instead of calling my doctor who referred me, I guess they figured they would correct it when I arrived.

The second, they didn't have my records, yet. I guess they planned to take care of that later as well.

Here's the real kicker. The third bit of info I received was that I would not be seeing the doctor that MY doctor planned for me to see. Darlings, see, I have a problem with doctors. Because of some, er, let's say unfortunate situations in my past, I am apprehensive about strangers touching me. To that end, I choose female doctors when ever possible. I am more comfortable with female doctors, but not much more. I explained this to my new doctor. Doctor N was very sympathetic, and recommended a female doctor as the specialist I needed if my little problem didn't clear up. It hasn't. She made the appointment, what, about 3 or 4 weeks ago for me. Well, her nurse did. Apparently, the nurse didn't have all the info, and scheduled me for the first available. It's with another doctor in the same facility... Male.

Pulse racing, close to a panic attack or a teary melt down, I listened as the woman on the phone explained that the doctor I had prepared for was booked solid. It would be almost another month before I could be worked into her schedule. MAYBE. She explained that the one for whom I was penciled in, was very good. Her doctor as a matter of fact. I took deep breaths, knowing I could not keep dilly dallying around with my little problem. It could be absolutely nothing to worry about at all. Though, it could be something pretty nasty. Either way, it needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. I have put it off for, well, let's just say for much too long as it is. A few other little symptoms have joined it as it is, all pointing in several directions.

Long story short, (Too late, right?) I am keeping the appointment. It means my BP will be sky high, I will be sweating buckets, and no matter how nice the doc is, I will be tense, a sure fire way for there to be pain involved. It would be a bit easier if someone were going with me. I am going alone. I will just have to suck it up, and be a big girl. I am freaked already, so what does that say? Yep, SNAFU pretty much sums it.

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Connie » 5 years ago

Hi Kandy, I will go with you if you need me.