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Brought up Oct 18, 2012

Am I the Only One?

Do you ever sit listening to the radio, and think, "Damn! This guy must be having a lousy day?" because the DJ keeps playing sad, sappy love songs? Or worse, every song seems aimed your way, and you say, "Okay, who told?"

I do that a lot. I can be having a crummy day,or a really great day, and every frigging song seems to mirror exactly how I feel. I want to go find the one behind the mike, and either hug 'em, or strangle 'em and tell 'em to cut it out, and get the hell out of my head.

Weird, I know. I make no excuses for my weirdness. Well, I try not to. Sometimes I still whine like a bawl baby, wondering if there is ever going to be a time when I have a complete day with out feeling like crap at least once. I blame it on the change of life, my past, or just me in general. There are times, I know it's stupid, but I still beat myself up over the smallest screw ups. The last thing I need is to have the frigging DJ backing it up, right?

Hey, I know it's crazy. I know there is no way the damned DJ can even know I exist, much less know how I am feeling or thinking. Still, one of these days, I just might scribble down the phone number that they broadcast sometimes, call the jackass up, and tell them to get a damned grip already! I know, where are the white coats with their butterfly nets, right?

Okay, so the jerk must have picked up my mental threats, because now he's playing some of the weirdest mix I have ever heard. Rubberband Man, followed by the theme from Welcome Back, Kotter?? I ask you, who is sending him THOSE vibes already? I think Nazareth and Melissa Ethridge were at least consistent. Who ever is doing that, cut it out already!!

Maybe I should just shut the damned thing off and go get some supper... Ah, a little Jewel. Okay, maybe, after this one. Hendrix? Hell,forget food, I need a drink!!

(Note to the Punk, the BFF and husband mine: none of ya'll need to call 911... Ya'll know I am just squirrelly enough to be interesting, not dangerous, Right? LOL, LOL, LOL!!!)


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