How Did I Get Here, And Where Is The Next Turn?

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Brought up Oct 17, 2012

One of My Least Favorite, But Most Discussed...

I blame the Punk for this one. (This is what happens when you take off before I am finished thinking, OGO)

I have a real problem with organized religion. Actually, it is with the division of denominations in general, and certain so called 'religious' from my childhood specifically. I may have mentioned before, but I have probably attended at least one meeting of practically every Christian denomination around. I spent most of my teens and young adulthood trying to decide which was 'right,' and came to the conclusion that none are completely right.

Maybe I should become a Druid.

See, here's the thing. I don't think any one group has it completely 'right' or 'wrong.' They each have their pluses and minuses. I guess, what it comes down to is a person's needs in what ever part religion fills in their life. I think a person should be encouraged to read for themselves: the Bible, the Torah, the Koran, what ever draws their heart. They should make the decision to follow what they learn from their reading, and REALLY live it to the best they know and learn. A lot of the world's violence and hatred would disappear in no time if that happened. In the end, after all, each of those holy writings teach the same thing: Love and serve God, Goddess, Yahweh, Allah, what ever name one gives to their Creator; Love those He/She created in His/Her image; Do no harm. Now, just how hard is that? Any 'religion' that encourages hatred of anyone, for any reason, has missed the point, in my opinion.

I was raised Christian. All my beliefs, I think, are rooted in this though the branches of belief have spread about over the years. As an adult, I have questioned every part of what I was taught and found few answers. I do know that some things are just not part of my faith or beliefs anymore. Example, I refuse to believe in an old man sitting in the clouds pointing at this one and that saying 'heaven,' and 'hell.' I am not even sure if I believe in the existence of either as a place anymore. I'm not very sure about much at all when it comes to religion. I have faith that there is a Creator, One who caused me to exist and continue on this journey of life. What I do or don't do is between said Creator and myself. If I am wrong, it is that Being's job to decide what happens to my immortal soul, if I have one. I do the best I can, with what I believe, and He or She can sort it out with me when I meet Him or Her.

I watched my grandmother die. There was no sudden change. There was just a final breath, a final heart beat, and then where there had once been life, there was none. It has made me question even more since that day. There was peace, and ending of her suffering. She was surrounded by those who loved and cherished her. Those last hours, I know she felt us there. Did a part of her 'go on?' I hope so. I know she believed her soul would go to heaven. I guess that is the real hub of it all, where a person's faith is placed. I dislike the idea that what made us love her, her essence, her personality, her love for us, does not exist anymore. I refuse to believe that was the end of her, just the end of life in the shell that carried her through the world.

I am not sure of most things much these days. The old questions keep tumbling around in my head like a basket of puppies. I do have faith that someday, I will get my answers. I just hope I get enough of them on this side of that invisible thread before mine is cut, to get a bit of peace while I still breathe, if nothing else.

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cuz » 5 years ago

I beleave you are right I dont think any church is totally rght, each are doing the best they can with what ever it is that they beleive. It is all about LOVE.