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Brought up Oct 19, 2012

Weekend Away!!! Yeah, Baby!

Am all packed for a weekend with the BFF. I absolutely, positively, NEED a weekend of JUST KANDY. It won't be all fun and games, I know, but man, it is going to be two nights, two and a half days, more or less, of just being me. No kid whining because I didn't wash something they needed, no one coming and going, and snarling because I am on the computer or have my nose in a book. It's not like they actually go out of their way to spend time with me much, anyway, so why do they care so much how I spend my time?

The boy went with me to run an errand today. I think he needed mom time, before she skedaddles. It was nice, except all he did was jabber about his car. I now know, and actually understand why a front end needs to be in alignment.

The girl assured me she was getting off work at 3, but I have yet to see hide nor hair of her since she left for work. I'm not fussed.

They had better get used to the idea that mom may actually be an individual, with a life of her own, just like them.

The last time I left, for the BFF's wedding, the girl said she missed me because she always expected me to be here. It wasn't like she had plans to spend time with me, just that I have ALWAYS been here.

she and the boy need to get used to the fact that, life changes. They are adults... It's time I was an independent adult, too.

I have spent nearly 25 years sitting home, wiping noses, tears and skinned knees. I have been puked on, pooed on, and smeared with food. i have run kids to ball practice of every type. I have been through the whole obstacle course of teacher's meeting, school concerts, etc...

They are grown people now. They need to let me be me, now, too.

My next post will be from the BFF's domicile of the moment... her mom's house. I am a bit concerned about how she is doing. It's a sad tangle of red tape when a parent dies with out a will, and the children are left trying to sort it out. The legal system, on every level I have witnessed, sucks. i hope I can at least give her a couple of days of time off from that crap, too.

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Connie » 6 years ago

You have a blast girl!!! Be safe.