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Brought up Oct 6, 2012

What the Heck?

I read a news article yesterday that had me a bit hot under the collar. I was told it was a bit old, and of course I am a bit behind, I know. The story was of a news reporter, a bit on the heavy side, who was sent an e mail about her weight. The guy had the audacity to say she was not a good role model for little girls. You have to be joking!! Quite the contrary, Mr Shallow! Ms. Livingston is a glorious role model for little girls. She is an example of a person, doing her job, and from what I read, doing it well. She is a real woman, with the same struggles as the average female on the planet. It breaks my heart that she had to defend herself at all.

The majority of those in the 'public eye' are no where near ,average.' These little girls don't see the hours of personal trainers, the layers of makeup, the just so lighting, or the hours of plastic surgery. Little girls watch these women paraded around as the 'perfect' woman, the 'beautiful' women, the 'ideal woman.' It's a crock.

We have too many 5 year olds on diets,too many 9 year olds obsessed with their bodies, too many teens thinking that their looks are the only thing of worth, and too many women my age who have yoyo dieted themselves into an early grave.

Will there ever be a day when a person is simply accepted for who they are? Will there ever be a time when size,gender, race, creed, religion take a back seat to what a person has to offer the world? A person's true worth comes from within them, the talents with which God has blessed them, and what they do with those talents. Their beauty is not what genetics from their parents made them look like, nor what makeup and such enhances. Beauty like that fades quickly, because it isn't real. The truly beautiful person has that inner love and peace that radiates to the world. Size doesn't even come into the equation.

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Well yeah!