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Brought up Oct 5, 2012

Of Cell Phones and Sneakers

A few weeks ago, I found a cell phone on my morning trek. My first thought was, Damn! Someone's pissed off right now. It was screen down, and I figured it was shattered. I picked it up, and saw, not only was the screen unscratched, the only marks on it were tiny scuffs on two corners where it must have bounced. Being mostly techno illiterate, I brought it home.

My girl messed with the phone, turned it on in a second, and scrolled down the missed calls until she came to 'mom.' She called this lady, who it turns out lives in Memphis. The lady called a former daughter in law who is still a friend of the family, who lives in our town. I met the girl at Wally World, and returned the phone. She said he is always laying the thing down somewhere on his truck when he pumps gas, and forgets it. The last time it had bounced into the truck bed. Those things are expensive!! I can't see just putting it where ever like that... Well?? Okay, so I have lost mine a few times, but it has always been either in the house or in the car.

I love mine. There are still some functions I have no clue about, but on the whole, it serves it's purpose. I'd be lost with out it. I have no clue of numbers any more, because all I do is go to contacts, scroll down, and tap the screen. My kids call it a dinosaur, and are trying to get me to take the upgrade for it. I see no point if it's still working for me. Okay, so sometimes it accidentally makes calls for me, and one of the screen thingies looks like the corners curl up sometimes. I still like it, it works, why change??

It's like my sneakers. I finally have them just like I prefer them. They are comfortable, broken in. Okay, so there is a whole forming, and growing at one pinkie toe, and, they are not quite as springy as they were. My BFF says I need to get some serious walking shoes. Maybe. Yet, I am set in my ways, and know what I like. It just seems stupid to waste money on new things when the old ones are still working, right?

Anyway, I say things like that, and hear my mom's voice in my ear. I remember her giving me a lecture when I wanted something new for what ever reason other than it being broken. So? Just because so n so has those doesn't mean you need them, too. It always led to, If so n so jumped off the bridge, would you? Hummm.... that makes more sense now days.


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