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Brought up Oct 3, 2012

Hoofin' Notes

I guess today I can write the entry I had planned for Sunday, before my little corner of the world crumbled in on its self.

Sunday marked the beginning of my second year of the rest of my life: my second year of walking every day. It started out as a lark really, just a few blocks walking to clear my head. I got a little winded just walking to the mail box and back, not far at all, so those four blocks were probably the toughest I had ever walked. The fact that I actually got up the next day and did it again was a great achievement for me. I had a lot on my mind that second day, and didn't realize it was just a tiny bit easier. Each day, it is a big deal that I get up, pull on my sweat pants and sneakers, and go.

My daughter said the other day that if you do something at the same time, the same way for three months, it becomes a habit hard to break. She's right, of course. Wise kid. My getting up before everyone else and getting out there has become a part of me that I could not part with if I tried.

The numbers on the scale, that monster under the table, keep yoyoing, but I mostly ignore them these days. They will start to decrease again eventually. I'm not fussed about it much. I have other things on my mind. There is the fact that I am now up to about 2 miles, which is a very big deal for this old broad. I have my dear friend who is in the middle of some of the worst days anyone will ever face. My own mom, and her health issues, has me concerned. I have a few issues of my own these days as well. Nothing that has me too fussed, yet, but something that has to be dealt with in the next few weeks. It will be.

My trip to the ocean has been postponed to the first weekend in November, so my BFF will be able to go. I can't wait to see the ocean, breathe it into memories. I had been thinking it was the first of many firsts that I want to do, but it isn't really. My very first 'first' started that day I took a walk for no other reason other than to make myself feel better. The fact that I am still at it, still trudging those streets, one foot in front of the other, is still a big deal to me. I guess it's a habit now, one I won't bother trying to break.


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