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Brought up Sep 25, 2012

Another Turn in the Road

I've been a bit tight lipped on a few things lately. I know, weird, huh? It's just that with what my BFF has been going through, my worries seem petty.

I've had a little female thing going that has been worrying me. I finally googled it, and got even more worried. I have this fear of strangers touching me, doctors especially. And those nice, intimate exams... I'd rather play tiddly winks sitting the middle of an interstate highway. I'd rather eat dirt in a dog park. I'd rather have my eyes gouged out with a wooden spoon. You get the idea.

Last week, I finally sucked it up and made an appointment with a doctor a friend recommended. I stewed over the past week waiting. Yesterday was the big day. At least the doctor was a woman. The office was very nice, all warm and relaxing, almost like a coffee house set up instead of a doctor's office. I sat watching Dr. Suess on the tv as I waited. I almost snapped a picture of what looked like a wood carved dino standing in the kids' area. I still might when I go back.

The exam room had even more of a coffee shop feel. Framed prints, dark red walls, stained, marbleized cement floors. It was all so inviting. I kept thinking, how can this be a doctor's office? The only hints were the exam table and maybe the diagrams around the computer area. A very nice girl, in a t shirt no less, looking more like a waitress than a nurse, took all my vitals, (87 pounds gone is official) and I waited.

My new doctor is a pleasant surprise. She is as warm and inviting as her office. She was kind, understanding of my hesitancy, and very encouraging. Then she moved me to another room for the exam with me thinking, okay, now comes the sterile, stark rooms. Nope. I got a glimpse of the kid friendly rooms, too. Man! Someone knew just what they were doing with the decor!

It was the quickest, gentlest female exam I have ever had in my 30 +/- years of such. I am still a little surprised. The best part, so far, is that she found nothing abnormal. THANK YOU GOD!!!!! She said there was what I described, and a little redness that usually speaks 'infection.' I am on antibiotics for now. If the problem doesn't clear, then I go to a specialist, and she even chose a woman there, too. And of course there is the waiting for the tests they will run. Even the girl who took blood was great. It stung, but she got it on one try, and except for a red mark and the vein being just a bit puffy, there isn't even a bruise, like I usually have. So I wait a bit more optimistically than before yesterday.

I did, however, have to call them on the way home. I forgot to write my name on the frigging pee sample cup. I guess all that relaxation made me forget I was at a doctor's office. Or, as my kids have pointed out many times, I am just an airhead.


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