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Brought up Sep 18, 2012

My Little World

I have this little place in my head. It's a place I have built, brick and stone, board by board, drops of water that form little springs and a great river that borders one side, a forest to the other. The buildings change to my whims, sometimes castles, sometimes futuristic glass and steel. Sometimes there are small thatched cottages, sometimes sky scrappers a mile high. In this world, I am beautiful, smart, funny, kind and loving. It's my world, after all, and the one place where I can do as I please. In this world, I am never a queen, or a princess. I am just an ordinary person, doing ordinary things, but they are things of my choosing, no one else's. I don't want to rule, just live happily.

In this world, my hair is sleek, shiny, still thick and full, and always does what I want. My skin is smooth, unmarred by the passing time. My eyes sparkle, just before I laugh, or say something outrageous. I have a voice like Kathleen Turner, or Catherine Zeta Jones. My body is curved, but not fat, my feet are a bit smaller. I don't smoke, and I can eat or drink anything I please without worrying it's going straight to my ass. Everyone I love, loves me back. I am never rich in this world but I have what I need, and most, but not all that I want. What would be the point to a world where you could have everything with out a little earning it after all?

There is no hunger, greed. There is no one alone who doesn't wish to be. There is no longing for things one can never have, no loving that is not returned ten fold.

This is the best part of my little world. No one dies too soon. Children do not die before their mom can cuddle them in her arms, nor before they can walk, talk and leave cookie crumbs and messy hand prints all over. They don't die before their first kiss, their first driving lesson, their high school graduation. They have children of their own, who grow, and blossom into wonderful people who adore their parents. The parents adore them. it is only when they are very old, have lived wild, full, outrageous, happy lives, that they slip away into the great unknown.

There is no disease in my little world, at least none that is incurable. There is no cancer, heart disease, diabetes. No one leaves before their time because their own body is attacking them.

I escape to this world a lot. I try to write it down in my stories so that one day others may visit it. But, you have to look close to find me in them. I am there, in each face, in each scene I write. Maybe, someday, others will visit my world, and love it as much as I do.


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