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Brought up Sep 24, 2012

No Words for a Title

My BFF's mom is slipping away. it's hard to watch her family going through so much. I felt so helpless Saturday when I went to visit. I think it will be my last time to visit before the end, and ceremonial things. I got to see and talk with her one last time. She is now mostly unresponsive, her struggling almost over. There is nothing more the doctors can do but make her comfortable. Man... I just need to babble a bit.

I have known this great lady most of my life. She was one of those moms that, if you were at her house at meal time, you were herded into the table with the rest. And you always left the table stuffed to the gills. At her house, I was one of her kids. I got scolded for running through and slamming doors. Even got swatted once with a fly swatter for misbehaving with the rest. I love her as a second mom, or beloved aunt. As an adult, she became my friend as well. My heart is breaking that she is leaving us all. For over 40 years, I have adored her. Just a couple of months ago, I was at her house, laughing at those things that are meaningless, but fill the time. We did a little remembering. She was lively, ornery, her usual self. It makes no sense that in just weeks, she is loosing the fight.

When I went for the BFF's commitment ceremony, she gave me three pictures. Each is precious to me. One is of her dad, playing his electric guitar. He was so sick, and it was the last time he would preform in public. The second one is of her mom. Jody with her head tossed back, laughing as I saw her so many times when I was a child, and an adult. Her eyes are dancing.

The third picture is of the two of us, me and the BFF. When I first looked at it, I thought, who are those old women? Oh, yeah. Us. Looking closely, though, I see the girls we were, and are still a bit inside. I saw that though the years have passed, and we have been through so many things together and on our own, there is still our bond. There is still a twinkle of mischief in both our eyes, a hint of misbehaving in our smiles. We are going to pull together through all this. We will survive. And we will be kicking and screaming until the day our children are going through what she is right now.


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