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Brought up Nov 22, 2012

Some One Just Shoot Me...

Connie, thanks for your sweet words. I know if it is God's will, I will be fine. Our wonderful church folk are a true blessing.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Just got home from my mom's...

I swear, I have eaten enough to last me until Sunday...

My mom, God love her, made a ham and a turkey, a roaster pan full of dressing, (stuffing for you yankees), her snowball cake that is fought over twice a year, pecan, pumpkin, and sweet potato pies, gravy, real mashed potatoes... you get the idea. I can hardly breathe I am so full. Like we all kept saying as we shoveled it in, it's only twice a year. My wise son did add, "Too bad they come so close together."

My family is like a swarm of locust... if you don't get it the first time through the line, chances are you won't get it. I waited a couple of hours for dessert, letting my dinner digest a bit. Big mistake. The pecan pies, two of them, were devoured. I was furious. I had two slices of pumpkin, and two of the snowball cake over the afternoon, but it just wasn't the same.

As my girl child, her friend and I got ready to leave, (the boy having left early to get ready for work) I had a brilliant idea. The smallest vulture, who ate very little of the meal, but 3 slices of pecan pie, was saying she was going to get a piece of cake. The cake was no where to be found. HEHEHE!!

I told her I was taking the rest of the cake home with me. My sister, her mom, said that I could at least leave the child a piece. I said, she should have thought of that when she was eating all the pie knowing it is one of my favorites. No one said anything after that.

A word or two about this cake. It is, truly, one of the best things you ever put into your mouth. I've made it myself a time or two before I went on hiatus from cooking. It is one of the easiest things in the world to make, and rarely lasts to the next day once cut. It is our family favorite. If my mom threatens to not make it, and she has a few times, a riot of whines breaks out. My brother leads the pack with the rest of us begging her to not torture us in such a cruel way. The cake vanishing as it did is just punishment for my lack of pecan pie.

Of course, I did whisper to my mom that the cake was in the cabinet under her microwave. She chuckled and winked at me. She gets me, still, after all these years. No way do I want half a cake sitting here whispering to me. Teach those little snots to make pigs of themselves on the desserts and not eat a proper dinner!!!!!

Now, my stomach has settled down a bit. Please, do not even mention food for at least 12 hours...

(I have decided, at Christmas, I will take a whole pecan pie before we eat, and threaten anyone who even breathes near it with bodily harm, unless mom makes me a chess pie. Then, I will only take a slice of the pecan and put it aside with barbed wire surrounding it)

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Becky » 5 years ago

Have never heard of a snowball cake would love to have the recipe unless it is a family secret..............oh wait I am family now how about that recipe. Glad yall all had a wonderful Thanksgivng!