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Brought up Nov 18, 2012

As Time Goes By...

I spent the day with the BFF and a little while with the Feisty One, in Alabama. WW heads back to Georgia after Thanksgiving, and I figured I had better get my tail down there one more time before she goes. It's been so nice having her closer for a while, but I know she misses her house, her dog, her grand kids... oh, and there is someone else... Oh!!! YEAH, her man!

Today was bittersweet. It will probably be the last time I spend time with her in her mom and dad's home, and have it feel like their home. I'm sure she will be back to stay in it from time to time until it is sold, but it will not be the same.

I remember that house from my childhood. It was always warm and inviting, with love and laughter echoing through it. I remember running through it with the rest, the giggling nights with her dad yelling through the wall, "Don't make me come in there." I remember her mom's wonderful, old home cooking.

With them both gone, the home is slowly becoming just a house. Their belongings are sadly being divided, as their children still grieve and choose those little things to remember them. The photographs sit in boxes waiting to be taken away. It's a sad thing to see what had been a home for forty some odd years slowly become just a house.

It hasn't been easy for the BFF to do all she has done, but she told me it was part of her own grieving process, the dismantling of her childhood home, sorting and packing those things others may want, and deciding what to give away once the children and grand children have what they want.

I hope someone with small children buys the house, and makes it a home again, filled with their own memories, with love and laughter once again echoing through out its walls. It deserves that much. Time goes by, life moves on. Maybe someday, I won't cringe at the idea of someone else living in the house that was once my safe haven in a stormy childhood.


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