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Brought up Aug 5, 2012

My Darlin' Girlfriends

I spent my afternoon with two of my best girls. Was going to see my BFF's mom, but she was busy. The ladies and I had a wonderful time.

the thing is, when I go visit my old stomping grounds, it's always an emotional rollercoaster.

The minute I hit the Alabama state line, I feel a transformation take place. It's as if suddenly, I am Kandy. I am no one's mom, wife, sister, daughter... I am simply Kandy. I go Home. Even the radio seemed to know that I was Home, because first Daughtry's I'm Coming Home was playing, and then one of my all time faves. I sang just above the blaring voice of Andy Kim belting out Rock Me Gently.

When I rolled into my friend's driveway, it felt so comfortable, so warm. I almost wept like I did the first time I saw her face after 30+ years. Our hugs were harder, our talk more frank, and I even met some of her family. I fell in love with her darling little niece visiting from the east. Then our other friend arrived, more family members, and WOW!! It was so great!

Don't get me wrong, I love my family to no end, but with my girls, I can just be me. They knew me before kids, husband, life's trials and tribulations. My girls knew me as a little girl, apparently liked me, and like the me I am now. Even love me as I adore them.

It's so hard to explain to others how it effects me to just breathe the air, see what has changed, and what time has gently left in place. I really could move back to Alabama in a heartbeat. Someday, I will.

The three of us are already planning a weekend soon. Rattlesnake Weekend I am dubbing it. (Our private little joke that for now I am keeping to myself.) I simply can not wait to go down and stay over night. I hope my BFF gets to join us, as well as a few others still close by from our Glory Days. It will be a weekend like no other.

Heading back, tears came to my eyes as I crossed that imaginary line from Home, into the next state, but I blinked them away. Bittersweet, one of the Punk's favorite words. I was glad to see my brats, but a part of me is still eating a hotdog, drinking a bottle of water, laughing and teasing with my friends, and chatting with the sweet, shy little girl who grew less shy with every snippit of chat. I warned them one of these days, I will move back, and be bugging the hell out of them at every turn. They seemed to like the idea as much as I do.


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