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Brought up Aug 7, 2012

My Opinion... No One Has to Agree

I spent this afternoon shooting my mouth off a bit in Facebook. I decided to do it here as well, since it is MY blog, and I am still steamed.

There are so many issues in the public eye lately, it has become a tangled mess. I keep a lot of my personal feelings to myself these days because I have no wish to hurt feelings, but today just tore it.

I have friends that are gay and straight, of color and caucasian, truly tollerant and biggoted jerks, Democrat, Republican, male and female, married, single, living together,animal lovers and not, gun owners and anti firearms. You name it, I can probably go look it up.

I am sick to death of all the garbage being spewed in the name of one 'cause' and another. i got to a point this afternoon, I had to turn off my computer hoping it would help me cool off. It didn't. I kept thinking of other things I wanted to say. So here goes.

1- It is nobody's damned business what two consenting adults do in their own privacy. No one has the right to judge them but God Almighty. It's no one's damned business but theirs.

2- Anyone who holds another person's race, religion, nationality, background, financial sitch, family, friends, etc., against them is ignorant, selfish, immature and just plain wrong.( But, even there, I'm judging, I know, Punk.)

3- Marriage is a commitment between, again, two consenting people who choose to spend their lives together. Frankly, I think the government should have stayed out of it. It just became a way to make money. Otherwise, the damned license would be free to ANYONE who chooses to get one. A commitment truly made doesn't need a piece of paper to prove it, except in court. Why the hell not just write it out, both sign, done. Legal and Binding. No. We have to line someone's pockets on every side.(My best friend is having a 'commitment' ceremony with the man she loves, partly because otherwise, her insurance, another one of my gripes, will be cut off, and she would not be able to afford her meds. Why the hell do they charge 3 Grand a month for Chrone's meds is another gripe of mine.)

4- Politics... Damn!!! Don't even get me started. The whole system is so screwed up, it needs to be stripped of every politician. Ditch all the jackasses, go back to the damned Constitution, and start over.

5- Guns... Look above. Find a way to get the damned things out of the hands of the idiots who actually go around shooting people, not the law abiding citizens who own and respect firearms.

The thing is, and this is just my opinion, I believe it is all a bunch of posing. It's all a bunch of people who think they can either get their 15 minutes of fame, (thanks, Andy Warhol for that wonderful little tidbit), honestly don't really give a damn who they hurt in their own selfish, narcissitic greed, or have never truly understood what it really means to honestly love their fellow human beings. I try my best to NOT HATE ANYONE. (Shut up, Punk. I don't hate them, either. Might not like them, but like I said today, I might actually pull either of them back instead of pushing them in front of a truck.)Life is too damned short to walk around trying to show how much you can hurt someone else.

There. I'm done... And I don't give a rat's ass if anyone agrees or not. Besides, who gives a damn what I think?

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YOU know who » 6 years ago

I love you, you know that and thanks for being on soap box.

Punk » 6 years ago

I like how i'm in your head... i think i talk more there than in person. happy Seriously, well put and insightful. It is posing. It is selfish. It is careless. And, unfortunately, at the moment at least, it is the American way... Make mountains out of mole-hills to try to get one-up on the other guy... I hope you vented successfully or you're gonna need another fan!