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Brought up Jul 28, 2012

Southern Belles

There was a time when the age thing really bothered me. At the age of 12, I never dreamed I would be 40 some day. 40 seemed ancient, like the pyramids or dinosaurs. My mom was sort of old, but my Granny was very old. She had always been old to me. It never dawned on me that they were both 12 years old at one time.

As I grew older, I cringed if someone asked my age. In my early 30s, the idea of 40 made me break out in a sweat and kept me awake at night. When it came and went, and I didn't turn to dust, or a crone, I saw how silly I had been.

Our church has what we call a Supper Club. It doesn't always work, but we keep trying. The idea is to get to know some folks we would normally only see at church in a more relaxed atmosphere. It was once a home cooked meal, or one prepared at church, with people randomly chosen. In the latest incarnation of the Club, we have added the option of dinner out. Our little group is made up of three couples and a pair of widow ladies. Two of the couples failed to show tonight. My husband and I spent the evening in the company of the two ladies, true Southern Belles. We had a great meal, but the company made the evening a delight.

One of these ladies is my mom's age, demure and I realize a bit shy. I was fond of her late husband, a raucous character that we all miss terribly, but I never got to know her. The other lady is a real character on her own, chatty, gossipy and funny. Both had such a relaxed, comfortable in their skin attitude. When the one place became crowded, and we had been finished for quite a while, our table was needed. We had planned to have dessert, so we simply went for ice cream at the local D Q. The two of them were so wonderful with whom to spend the evening.

After tonight, I have decided to spend the rest of our little get togethers learning from these two Southern Belles. I want to be just like them at 67 and 79, as they both so casually told us. You would never know it to look at them.

Age is only a number. I am no longer afraid of that number approaching me this coming Christmas Day. The number does not make one old; attitude does. I have no intention of allowing attitude to make me feel old. Bring it, 50!! I am ready for you, and what comes next.

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you know who(aka- wee woman) » 6 years ago

Bite your tongue. Fifty comes for me first and you figure I will tell you if it hurts or not. I have been assured that it will be pain free... I don't believe a word of it. I know that day will be filled with tears... cause I think my wonderful children will give HELL and bring home lit for nursing homes