How Did I Get Here, And Where Is The Next Turn?

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Brought up Jul 23, 2012

Bucksnort, Tennessee...

Yes, my darlin's, there is actually a town called Bucksnort. (There's also a Frog Jump, Tennessee, but that's for another time.) A little after 4 or so, I got a rather urgent call from my son. Let me back up.

My son has been planning a trip to Nashville for a month or so. A big Batman fan, (with the tattoo to prove it) he and some of his buds decided they wanted to drive to Nashville to see the latest installment of the Caped Crusader's adventures at an I Max theatre. So, they left at 7 a m headed east... well northeast, for an 11:30 a m showing.

Back to the phone call. "Mom, is there anyway you can drive to outside Parsons, and come get us. Jeff's mom's car blew a head gasket. He's calling a tow truck, but only two can fit in the truck." Did I mention there were 5 of them, one my daughter, a last minute addition? Now Parsons is about 50 miles away. As he starts giving me directions, the other side of Parsons was still another 30 miles. When he said the town was called Bucksnort, I had to laugh. Only in the South can someone name a town something like that with a straight face.

The upside, I got to drive 85 miles an hour with out fear of getting a ticket. I was just sailing with the traffic on the interstate. Man, what a rush... If it wasn't such a long drive, I would definitely do that more often. Once I arrived, assuming I was picking up 3 of the 5, I was told that only one could ride in the tow truck. So, I picked up 4. Not a problem. Micah has a fairly roomy back seat.

Of course, I was not regaled with the story of how they were stranded. Oh, no. I was told, in fair detail, the entire movie. The boy babbled for the next 45 minutes. The interstate was a bit hairier during that leg of the trip. Many more semis than on the way. I almost missed my exit because one was being a jackass and not letting me over. My kid, of course says, "Mom, you just have to go." I did, but it was close. And, of course I had four other lives in my hands. It's ok for me to drive like a maniac when it's just me, but not with my kids, and other people's kids in the car.

We stopped in Parsons, grabbed a bite, and headed back through the deer infested last leg. No, we didn't see any, but I was assured they were all over. (Remind me to tell you about me and deer some time) Anyway, I have assured my BFF (who called while I was in the bathroom at our food stop) that I am home safe and sound, as well as my concerned spouse.

There was really only one 'Airhead' moment. I arrived at the gas station that I had kept chanting in my head the entire trip, pulled in, and called my kid. "Ok, I'm at the Citgo, now where?" To which he replied, "Straight ahead. See that six foot five guy waving at you?..." I still say he is six, six...


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