How Did I Get Here, And Where Is The Next Turn?

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Brought up Jul 17, 2012

Adventures With a Nineteen Year Old... Episode Whatever...

Last night, I spent some time with my girl kid. As the title suggests, it was an interesting ride by my lights. What started out as a simple trip for supper with her turned into discovering what she thinks of me... and laughingly agreeing! On our way to get something to eat, her treat, we had to swing by where she works. Two of her buds, co workers, were on break. Suddenly we were a foursome, invading a different fast food joint, much to the amusement of a couple of customers that knew all three girls, and the workers. As the girls rushed to eat, they had only a short time, it was fun listening to them chatter like the three squirrels they are.(Ask one of them where one gets a shirt that has 100% being 97% and 4%.. huh? Even I caught that math faux pas!) Suddenly, one got a phone call. The assitant manager. She was late. If she was, so was the other. My daughter borrowed my car and ran them back. When she returned, fairly quickly for her, I had finished, and even sent the Punk a pick of the new sundae that store had... bacon sundae??? Are they insane?

Then it was a trip to Wally World. Always a treat with my girl. Another of her coworkers called on the way, and asked if we could take her to get gas for her vehicle. Not a problem, after WW. I got my almond granola bars, (I'm addicted to them now) and she got rubbing compound. Her brother is going to 'restore' the headlights on her car... Don't ask because I have no clue. Anyway, every where we go, people know my kid. A few of the employees know us because of the boy, though he is in a different area with different hours.( Can you say PROMOTION, RAISE AND FINALLY WORKING ON CARS?? YEAH BABY!!) A simple trip to bop in and out took about an hour. We had fun, though, checking out things we would like in our cars. Hopefully hers will be up and running by this time next week. Then off to pick up the other girl, who also happens to be part of the intricate web we call family. My great aunt married her grandfather several years back when they both lost their spouses. Also, her great grandfather and my step grandmother were brother and sister. In this county, I am either related to or related to someone who is related to everyone. Anywho, the three of us went to the gas station, got her gas, and we took her back. Ok, I took us slightly the wrong way, again All during this whole evening, I keep doing stupid things like making wrong turns, saying something off the top of my head that to others seems goofy, I guess, and generally acted like myself. . During it all, my kid, goofball that she is, and her friends, loony tunes all of them, all informed me that I was an airhead... Hum... Ok, I'll take it, embrace it, no problem. I can handle being called an airhead. AGING AIRHEADS OF AMERICA: UNITE!! Why should the young twerps have all the fun??


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