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Brought up Jul 16, 2012

Feeding the Soul

The Punk and I were just talking about something that has me doing some thinking. He's ducked out for lunch and face time with his youngest, so I figured what the heck, continue the convo here.

When I was a little girl, I loved going to church. I loved the music, napped during the sermons, and smiled sweetly when people pinched my cheek. In my teens, church became a bit of a chore, but also a haven, a place to hide away in safety for a few hours. Then, as a young mother, it became a real hassle to get kids ready, get everyone out the door and there on time. We sort of drifted away from it as my depression deepened. I missed it, but it just didn't seem worth the work. When my kids grew older, we started going more often, but to be honest, my heart wasn't really in it. I didn't think anyone was listening to my prayers, and I drifted from even that. It got to a point where the only time I made a real effort to try getting to church was for Christmas Eve. If we went, then we went, if not, no big deal.

The past few years, when I wasn't actually able to go due to being trans deprived, I grew to miss church. I started feeling like Someone MIGHT be listening. I wanted to be where I really sometimes felt Him. Most of all, I missed the comfort I felt with the familiar, the unchanging in the middle of so many changes. Life is so full of that right now, I needed something more anchoring. Now, I am back to going fairly regularly, and making an effort to get there with out it being a chore. I told the Punk earlier that I find it a blessing. I feel like as I am growing and becoming more the person I was meant to be, I am feeding my soul as well now. It's a great feeling... Try it some time.


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