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Brought up Jul 7, 2012

Putting on a Show

First, thanks, Punk. The best yet, though? Sheesh! LOL!

My dear friend, the Punk, is probably one of the most remarkable people I know, for reasons too numerous for me to even begin listing. One thing about him that I have had a bit of trouble wrapping my brain around, how ever, is the fact that among all his talents, he occasionally does sermons for his church.

Growing up in the South, I was exposed to a lot of sermons given by preachers who could really let a person have it. The Punk assures me he is not one of the 'fire and brimestone,' jumping up and down, yelling and screaming at folks that they are doomed to hell, type. Good. Most of that type are such big phonies, in my opinion, and one thing the Punk isn't is a phony.

Religion is a very personal thing to me. It is, well, holy. I have my beliefs that can not be deminished anymore, only added to sometimes. If anything, my conversations with the Punk have strengthened my faith. I spent many years of my life doubting because of the jumble of so called teachings that were shoved at me as a child. Looking back, through much more educated eyes, I realize some of those preachers were in ernest, and some were just wrapped up in putting on a show. If one really pays attention, they can see the difference. I do now.

There was one preacher that to this day I greatly admire. He was very young, and his formal education was scant, but there was something that glowed in him at all times. I saw him at work at church, but I also saw him in his home. Outside the pulpit, that glow was still a gentle yet powerful force with in him. He was a true believer and lived it. He was one of the very few. I think the Punk is also one of those.

Most of the preachers I've known fall into the other category. These are the ones who seem to turn it on and off like flipping a switch. I have witnessed such and it makes me sad, and a little nausious. I have seen the show put on, with sweat dripping down the face, yelling themselves hoarse. The big thing with this bunch is always telling people that they are going to hell. Outside the pulpit, some of these were far from glowing with inner light. They were drunks, seen with women not their wives, beat their kids bloody. The news is always parading these for public judgement. Frankly, I think that's as bad as what the preachers do.

I believe, if you are going to walk the walk, talk the talk, you should also live it when no one is looking. I strive for that every day. From what I have known so far, so does the Punk. It is a continuous, not always easy part of being a complete person. Listen to the information given by those willing to share their knowledge, filter it through intelligent thinking. No matter what name one gives, there is Something out there, or Someone. Ignore the blather of the phonies, and listen to your heart. On life's journey, it's worth exploring.


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