How Did I Get Here, And Where Is The Next Turn?

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Brought up Jul 14, 2012


I laugh more these days than I probably have in the past 10 years. It's weird, but I even laugh at myself, and the goofy things in my life, when for a very long time, I used to try to hide and hope know one saw what I had done, or heard the dumb things that popped unexpectedly from my mouth. Lately, I find myself shrugging, and laughing along with who ever happens to get a chuckle at my expense.

I have decided that humor is one of our least appreciated gifts from God. I believe He has a great sense of humor himself. I mean, just look around at the funny things in the world. So called experts claim that laughter is also good for our health. That may be as good an explaination as any for the way I feel these days. I have different levels of humor depending on other factors of my day. When I want a good, hard belly laugh, I watch Jackie Chan movies, especially the out takes he puts at the end with the credits. Few can make me laugh like Jackie, except maybe the Punk.

If I am on the mood for the assinine and rediculous, but slightly high brow, it has to Monty Python, hands down. My kids have never gotten Python humor, nor my husband. Sad. They have no idea what they are missing. British humor in general makes me roll around laughing like an idiot.

And of course, there is always slapstick... the stooges have never failed to make me chuckle, but that's between you and me. I'll deny ever admitting that one!! LOL!

The real point I am getting at is that we NEED laughter. It's one of the first things a baby learns to do. I think they bring it with them from what ever realm they occupy before they are concieved. Life is just too short not to laugh at the crazy, rediculous things in the world, or ourselves. Heaven knows I do enough on my own to keep myself in stitches these days.


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