How Did I Get Here, And Where Is The Next Turn?

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Brought up Jul 13, 2012


As children of the sixties and seventies, we were the last generation to really understand the meaning of the word respect. Respect meant that you never raised your voice, did as you were told, and didn't question an adult of any gender, or position. For many reasons, the next generation thinks respect is not an automatic thing, but is meant to be earned. I disagree strongly on that. Parents in particular should never be expected to earn respect except in extreme circumstances. There are times when respect can be lost. That is the only time it should have to be earned.

Of course, I have taught my children this. I also taught them to speak their minds. Somehow, though, in that process, they seem to have decided that to speak their minds gives them the right to disrespect me at times. That is another subject for another time.

Through out my life, many have lost my respect. I could list them but it would take up way too much space. I respect the military, for example, but have no respect for certain ones who messed up my husband's plans for our life. I respect law inforcement, as a whole, but some individuals, not so much. Anywho... Over the years, I have decided that doctors have to earn my trust and respect. Few have. This past year, that list has grown. My best friend's mom is now facing an extention of her chemo treatments. If the doctors had actually preformed the right tests at the right time, she would probably be in remission at this time. She was having trouble for at least two years. She has been treated for pneumonia, fungal infection of the lungs, even TB. All along, the cancer was growing, and the bastards didn't bother to follow up with more tests the one time cancer cells were found in her blood. I am disgusted, appalled, and angry. A sweet, funny, kind lady I have known for over 40 years is suffering far more than she should. Her family is suffering far more than they should, and the rest of us who love her are suffering for her much more than we should. I sobbed when I heard of the added chemo. At this moment, I can only think of one doctor I respect, and only because I know what a good man he is outside as well as in his office. And since he's an Ole Miss alumn and fan, he is borderline... Right now, tonight, No, I do not respect doctors who are careless, lazy or just greedy. Not at all.


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