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Brought up Jun 30, 2012

Of Mice and Cowardly Cats

Last night, the boy and I learned a lot about ourselves, and our stupid cats. It was not very late, maybe a little before 9 or so. He and I were going to make a run to Wally World, pick up a few things. I, of course, had to hit the little girl's room before we headed out, and found we had a visitor. Scurrying about the bath tub was a baby mouse. The thing might have been about an inch and a quarter long, and was frantically trying to get out. It couldn't get up the sides. I made short work of my bi'ness, and called the boy. We both stood, looking at this critter, trying to figure out the quickest way to dispatch it. Suddenly, the boy had an idea. He left, and came back with Ziva, one of our 4 month old cats. Ziva stared at this little critter, than jumped up on the side of the tub. Would not get near. It was my turn. I went to the living room and grabbed Sweetie, the other girl kitten. Sweetie jumped and ran from the bathroom at the sight of the vicious monster. Charlie, the only boy kitty, sat in the tub, watched the mini vermin scurry a bit, then he too was gone. The boy and I watched the thing, and it watched us. After a few minutes, I went, got a fastfood cup and lid. The boy scooped up the little fella, slapped the lid on. On our drive to WW, as I stopped for a stop sign, the boy proceeded to open the car door, and gently dump the mouse out onto the street, where it scampered off into the night. At least we gave the little fella a fighting chance. Ok, we're wimps... and so are our cats.


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