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Brought up Jun 29, 2012

Grown Kids

My daughter will be twenty next month. She is my baby, my miracle child, and my biggest headache these days. Well, She, and our rotten kittens, but they are fodder for another time.

Last night, my child, her friends, and her family were threatened by a 40 year old man who claimed he was going to 'clear the lot.' This all started when a co-worker, the man's 26 year old wife, claimed my daughter made some comments about a friend. The boy in question, who recently moved to go to school im Memphis, has been a friend of my daughter's since high school. Why she would say the things accredited to her, I have no idea. She denies having said it. Why this other girl is being so hostile is anyone's guess. And, why her husband is threatening violence, why he is even involved, I have no idea. Both are known chemical abusers; That may answer most of the above.

I thought that when my kid graduated high school, she left high school behind. Apparently, the childish, immature drama has followed her into adulthood, or rather, that of others has spilled into her life. I'm disgusted. My daughter, her face tear streaked, was stretched out on our lawn, beside her car, refusing to even talk. I got the story from her best friend, who was sitting in the car. On top of it all, the man claimed that he has a cousin on the local police force, who was looking for her. I drove the two girls to the friend's house around 11 last night, just to be safe. It's all rediculous, and I am tempted to go to the police myself, as I happen to fall into the 'lot.' That was my evening last night... How was yours?


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